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10 Ways to Support Local Black-Owned Business

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By Emma Donahue
November 2020

10 Local Black-Owned Businesses to
Support this Holiday Season

Support Black Lives by shopping and supporting Hamilton-area businesses you’ll love.

There are many great ways to get involved in the Black Lives Matter movement, like protesting in the streets, or contacting your representatives about adopting progressive policies. But in order to make this moment count, we must incorporate the core message into our daily lives. One easy way to do so is by holiday shopping to support Black-owned businesses!
Be an ally by uplifting Black businesses during these hard times - and here’s 10 great places to start. Check out a full and growing list of local Black-owned businesses here.

1. Bae and Boba Art

These Artists make supporting them easy, with a 5 -star Etsy page that sells everything from socially-aware witch stickers, colourful pins, and a digital zine based on book Black Skin, White Masks. 100% of current zine sales will be donated to an anti-racism organization in Hamilton.  

2. Stylo Starr

Born and raised in Hamilton, Starr’s work focuses on re-envisioning and memorializing iconic parts of Black history, such as famous Black women from the ‘glamour’ era, in her 2018 exhibit 89DAMES. Pictured is #49, featuring 1950’s Broadway star Urylee Leonardo’s. This artist is not currently selling her work, but keep your eye out for this up-and-coming talent!

3. A Shared Table

Located in Hamilton, A Shared Table is “a transformational event company that uses FOOD + STORIES + ART to design cross-cultural experiences that inspire authentic and inclusive community.” Join them for a pay-what-you can digital dinner that centres BIPOC voices here, or check out their other services.

4. Rama Kaba

Kaba’s first book was a collection of poems bravely exploring the grief that surrounds addiction and mental illness. Her latest focuses on similarly heavy themes, and the long journey to forgiveness. Hard copies and audiobooks can be found here. A perfect gift for the profound poet on your list.

5. Batik Boutik

Batik Boutik sells an array of colourful garments all handmade in Ghana, West Africa. Their mission is to create a more positive global narrative about Africa that centres beauty, progress and joy through sustainable clothes. Shop the look, or follow them on instagram. Style that transcends seasons and cultures!

6. Total Synergy Reiki & Energy Healing

Looking to open your chakras and cleanse your energy during these hard times? Or, maybe just learn what that means? Follow owner Inez for online wisdom, or view a full list of services here -- including a socially distanced Reiki.

7. Herstory Dolls

Stay-at-home mother of 5, Queen Cee, created a line of dolls with diverse and inclusive skin tones and hair types. Her work hopes to inspire children's imagination and includes a notebook and array of online creative resources they can use in their play. Buy one here for the little girl (or boy) in your life.

8. Love and Light Jewels

Exemplary of "Boho-Chic", Love & Light Jewels™ is a sparkly, soul-filled collection of both handcrafted jewelry, accessories and lifestyle products, designed to help elevate your soul. Made with Love in Toronto, Canada by Tia Sutherland, the collection is available at sariKNOTsari as well as on Tia's website. Her sparkly creations are loved by women of all ages! 

9. Linkorda Jewelry

Linkorda is a collection of handmade accessories such as earrings, bracelets and necklaces. Available for pick up on the Hamilton Mountain, you can browse the owner's collection for gift ideas. 

10. The Artisan Market

Talented designer Anne Miller sells “unique handcrafted items by local artisans and a selection of treasures by international crafters.” Browse clothing, jewelry, organic soap, kitchen supplies, and more at her Hamilton Farmers Market stall 47.


Cover photo: Getty Images