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The Ultimate Guide to
Thrifting for Everything 


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“Upcycled clothes, books, & home decor for a more sustainably chic life.”

Clothing waste is one of many environmental problems in North America. We send over 10 million tonnes of reusable textiles to the dump each year alone. (We also waste nine million tonnes of furniture - a steadily increasing number.) A big perpetrator of in the creation of this waste is fast fashion: clothing that is basically made to be thrown out. 

And while not everyone can afford slow-fashion, thrifting is a great alternative to buying anything new. Everything from home decor to great coats can be upcycled in your home, and you can find them right here in Hamilton. One option is to find stores that upcycles fabrics, like sariKNOTsari. Alternatively, you can thrift!

1. New Life Thrift Store

This Black-owned business provides “household items, clothing, shoes, books and more at low prices for the community.”

Find them at their new location on King Street.

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2. The Thrifty Designer

A fashion industry veteran, the owner offers “original designs created from forgotten fabrics or previously owned items for women, men and all folks, as well as handmade up-cycled accessories.”

Available online or at 203 King St E.

3. Hawk & Sparrow

This boutique offers hand-picked, local and international vintage items in the heart of Hamilton.

You can also find them on Etsy and Ebay. 

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4. Girl On The Wing

Girl on the Wing has everything from vintage housewares to work by small, local artists. Browse the wide collection of “lovely little things” through the website or their James street store. 

5. Westside Stories

This bookstore has everything from new novels, to rare, out-of-print stories. Buy or sell with them at 852 King St W. 

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6. Style Encore Hamilton

Style Encore is a great hub for gently-used feminine fashion. Shop online or visit them in person to donate clothes for cash.

7. James Street Bookseller

134 James St. S “is home to a wide variety of books, curios, vintage technology and local artwork.” They invite you to stop by and browse their collection of vintage fountain pens, inquire about the book exchange, or even rent the space!

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8. Out of the Past

Located on Ottawa Street, this store offers a “stylish and thoughtfully curated collection [including] the area's largest selection of vintage clothing and accessories.” Shop along on Etsy and Instagram.

9. Newolds Vintage

Newold’s began as a Hamilton boutique in 2013, but is now located in Vancouver, B.C. However, fans can still enjoy their vintage collection on Etsy.

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10. St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Stores

Operating locations all over Ontario, these thrift stores accept and sell gently used housewares and clothing. Received items and profits go back into the community. They have three Hamilton locations, on Barton, Parkdale, and Upper Ottawa Streets.

11. The City & The City Books

Run by bookworms Janet and Tim, shop here for new and old books, magazines and gifts.

Need help finding a specific used novel? Just ask, and they’ll start searching for you! Find them at 181 Ottawa St. N. 

All photos (excluding #12) are from Getty Images.


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