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Hi everyone, Melanie here at sariKNOTsari. Today I'm actually in the store as you can see behind me and I wanted to use it as an opportunity to show you Doodlage; our new fabric line that just came in. If you follow us on Instagram, you would have seen yesterday all the stories that we were posting. We were so excited about the unboxing but if you missed it I want to use the blog this week to show you all of the fabric scraps that we use to make these products and all the new products that came in.

So it's hard to know what to start with they're all so beautiful. I guess I'll start with the clothing: so this one, for example, you can see is one of our dresses has a bit of a flare out here it looks just amazing on and the thing I love about this one is the yellow patches. I honestly would have never thought to put a pop of color on there (maybe that's why I'm not a clothing designer) but, oh my gosh, for spring I just loved that idea. Yellow is very in right now and one of my favorite colors.

And then this trench coat that came in Priya tried it on yesterday and it looks amazing on her. The thing we love about these is the back. You can't really see backwards there but it says “for the love of green.” An amazing embroidered touch! The weight to it is really nice for fall or spring and it comes with a belt so you can wear it open or closed. This is also one of my favorites (I think they're all my favorites at this point). Look at that cute dress and again we always talk about upcycling, 100% upcycled, and the importance of using old fabric scraps instead of making new fabric.

Fabric production is the second biggest polluter in the world today so we do not want to contribute to that. This one is a button-up so you can wear it as a dress or as a jacket. And it has the same thing on the back embroidered “for the love of green” their little motto I just love it.

So our Doodlage line we get out of India I talked about it a bit on my fabric scrap blog. And the designer had an internship at I believe a fabric production facility (I have to double check on that). But basically she saw that all these things were being thrown away. All the scraps or all the items that weren't perfect, the design wasn't great, the color they just threw in the garbage. And she had a brilliant solution to this which is to create products out of it.

“Made from fabric waste” these cute journals are only twelve dollars. And while we're here, their tags are also up-cycled, oh my gosh, who would have thought to upcycle tags? It says “I'm upcycled from industrial waste and made to be one-of-a-kind.” All of their products are one of a kind and upcycled including their tags.

We have their wallets and makeup pouches. Another thing I really like about this is pockets I'm all about the pockets. Look at that print... a little area in the middle for your coins and you can see in there there's places for your cards as well. And Emma and I were saying yesterday you could use as a clutch or as a wallet. I would use that as a clutch: throw your phone in there, a lipstick (for a night out), some're good to go.

And look at this one “oh scrap”...the cutest. This is like a little makeup pouch you could really use it for anything...a pencil case. And I want to show you what they come in. So there's all different sizes of these bags (also upcycled) and Doodlage sends all of their products in these kinds of bags. So when you as a customer buy something from us we have a beautiful bag to give you: a reusable bag.

Okay, what is next? Oh Priya made these signs yesterday and they’re so cute. So we got eye masks cute is that? It says “plastic free babe” and again you can see the upcycled strings. Same thing on this one they all have different fun is that? Our little displays.  “Ethical AF.” Mom don't look that up if you don't already know what it means!

So I find a lot of companies sometimes say they're sustainable and they are fair trade and we love that but then they send us their products with all this packaging: tissue paper and plastic and we just don't want all that. We try to reuse it as much as we can in the store but we would prefer people send things in reusable packaging.

So Doodlage is true to their brand which we love and the last thing I'll show you before I sign off: the best duffle bag. Isn’t that just the cutest color you've ever seen? And that is not a dye it's made with fabric scraps so that's how they do the print. And inside there's also two pockets that you can use to put anything in, like I said earlier: a phone, a wallet, makeup. And they also have a zipper pouch inside, as well.

So that is Doodlage! That is our new line...come check it out. We have it posted on our website and our Instagram. And I'm just so excited to show you our new lines.

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