Fair Trade Accessories for Every Season

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This week, a friend of mine said she loves blogs that discuss how to transition everyday items to ethically sourced ones. As the weather transitions from winter to spring (hopefully), I wanted to talk about how to bring your clothes into a new season.


You’ve heard us all mention at sariKNOTsari that we want you to buy less and wear more. Part of that is owning a wardrobe that can bring you through different seasons. A great example is our new linen line from India. It comes in three neutral colours (beige, grey, black) and all the pieces can easily be mix and matched.

I had a customer today tell me that she uses her jewellery for a pop of colour from season to season. I love to hear this! Slow fashion is all about reducing our impact on the environment and having pieces that last years to come. We also want to make sure our jewellery does the same thing.


So today I’m going to go through my top five sustainable accessories that can be used to dress an outfit up or down for the winter or spring!



  • Necklaces

     Lately I’ve been loving the necklaces we carry from Knot You Knot Me. This is a great upcycled line where 75% of all leftover fibres go towards future creations. They use sustainable materials such as antique brass and natural rope.

    My favourite thing about them is their colours. We currently carry mustard, cream, burgundy, and grey. I find them neutral enough to match most outfits but bold enough to provide a pop of colour. They also have beautiful matching earrings in the same braided cotton. Which brings me to my next item...

  • Earrings


  • In addition to the Knot You Knot Me earrings we have many other ethically sourced options. A favourite of mine is A Million Elephants. This company supports the de-mining efforts in Laos through their recycled bomb collection. These upcycled aluminum earrings are simple and timeless.

    They also have a tassel earring with a small recycled paper bead made by disabled woman in Laos. A great piece to add to your wardrobe that sparks a conversation about sustainability! You can find more information on our website about Laos and the positive impact this company is having.


  • Bracelets
  • I’ve talked about this next company before but I love it so much I’m talking about it again! Alive Intentions hand-makes stunning bracelets that each have a different intention. For example, you can buy a bracelet to help you infuse positivity into your life.

    These bracelets come with crystal stones or lava stones...sometimes both. Their neutral  colours make them good for men or women. I also wear them as an anklet sometimes! And you can add a drop of your favourite essential oil to them, as well!


  • Scarves

    At sariKNOTsari our scarves are versatile! I find these are a perfect item to again, add a pop of colour, but also tie in different ways. Use them as a shawl, top, beach cover-up, gift wrap and so much more. Stay tuned for a blog showing you all the ways you can tie a scarf.


    We carry different sizes and lots of patterns! We have rectangular and square scarves in silk and cotton from upcycled saris. They have been popular this time of year for March Break. This one piece doesn’t take up a lot of room in your luggage and can be used for all the ways mentioned above.


  • Glasses/Sunglasses

    Lastly, we all need sunglasses as the weather gets warmer! Another company I love is G Fox and Co. Their collection is great for every day or if you’re going on vacation. These pieces are handmade from wood which is biodegradable.

    They also hire from under-represented groups in the LGBTQ+ community. G Fox and Co is based out of Toronto and ensures all their glasses are stylish and unique. Whether you need glasses for reading or to protect your eyes on those sunny days...this is the company for you!


    What are you favourite accessories to wear? Let me know in the comments!


    Until next week,


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