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Article: How do we choose the products we carry?

How do we choose the products we carry?

How do we choose the products we carry?

We often get asked why we choose to bring in certain items and not others. Here are the main criteria we use when curating our products and why:

  • Slow Fashion
  • Everything we do at sariKNOTsari is guided by the slow fashion movement. We aim to inspire you to buy less and wear more. By doing so, you love every piece you own and reduce your impact on the planet. We curate our products to make sure everything is ethically sourced and well made. By choosing to buy our items, you are making a statement to support sustainability over consumerism.

  • Upcycled and Low-Waste
  • Most of our products are upcycled including the sariKNOTsari Up-cycled Vintage collection. We do this intentionally to reduce the amount of product going into landfills. Artisans are able to use materials they already have to create beautiful pieces.

    Similarly, we make sure our items are low-waste and encourage our artisans to turn any scrap pieces into new items. For example, in our sariKNOTsari linen and up-cycled vintage lines, scraps from dresses and tops are used to make gift wrap, bunting and hair accessories.

    Brands that use remnants to create new products also reduce the carbon footprint that would have been caused by the creation of new fabrics.  By starting with high quality, pre-loved pieces, our artisans reduce on costs without compromising quality. This also allows us to provide products to our customers in a variety of price points, making them accessible to all.

  • Locally Made
  • We love to support artisans abroad and make the world a better place while doing so. However, we don’t believe this means we can’t support local talent too! For example, ALTR Soaps is a company out of Hamilton that uses locally picked botanicals to make their products. These items benefit our local economy while benefiting the planet by only using natural materials...a win-win!

  • Ethical Trade
  • We work directly with our artisans for our sariKNOTsari collections, ensuring that they are paid a fair price for their labour. In fact, our owner Priya travels to India to handpick sustainable fabrics and designs and ensure safe work environments. When we bring other vendors into the store, we research to see that they are following these criteria. In this way, customers know when they walk into our store that everything has a positive impact on people and the planet.

  • Supports Social Causes
  • We believe that you can make a difference every time you buy something and encourage our customers to vote with their wallet. Instead of having a neutral or negative impact, why not have a positive one? Many of our products support social causes in addition to being ethically sourced. For example, one dollar from every sariKNOTsari brand purchase, and $20 from every Elephant Necklace purchase, goes directly to Save The Elephants, an organization that protects elephants and their grazing lands in Africa. Our A Million Elephants collection helps create awareness of on-going de-mining efforts in Laos.