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Craft House India was established to showcase the premium arts, crafts and produce of India to the world. The mystic of India is presented through exclusively developed Craft House products. Craft House takes pride in genuine and authentic selection of merchandise with reliable quality standards. Craft house works passionately to promote women empowerment and artisan growth with fair trade practices. By purchasing their products you are not only shopping the best quality craftsmanship but also helping to improve and empower the lives of artisans. Craft House also believes in preserving the environment by encouraging the consumption of natural and eco-friendly materials.

India is a growing and developing the economy and Craft House believe in uplifting the rural sectors and women that are as much a part of this movement. They empower women by offering employment in Craft House administration and operation. Craft House encourages and supports women entrepreneurs and artisans in rural India, including some from impoverished backgrounds, to be a part of our supply chain. They promote NGOs and charity organizations from across the country.

As part of their Corporate Social Responsibility, they contribute towards Prime Minister's National Relief Fund of India. Craft House takes its responsibility for environmental protection seriously. Eco-friendly materials like bamboo and Azo-free colours are used. Non-polluting and organic ingredients free of chemicals and pesticides are used. The packaging material used is also recyclable and biodegradable. Minimal use of plastic is practiced.