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Doodlage is a brand born from a simple idea—to create unique, stylish, and environment friendly products. Their Founder Kriti, had her ‘big-idea’ moment, during a student internship at a large export house. She wondered if the mounds of fabric discarded due to minuscule variations in pattern design or colours, could be put to better use. Step by step with a talented team working tirelessly with her, she has turned up-cycling into a bold new statement. Everything at Doodlage is made with love; every piece is exclusive and unique. Each craftsmen on the Doodlage team is encouraged to think out of the box to come up with solutions to mend the defects on their pieces. They are trained to collect cutting room waste in their fabric bins which is further processed for bags and home collections. A perfect sync of sustainability and innovation, Doodlage works with eco-friendly fabrics, such as organic cotton, corn fabric, banana fabric. They also source fabrics, which are left unused by other retailers post-cutting. Much like pieces of a puzzle, these bits and pieces come together, each with its own story.