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Mamaa Trade is an organization aiming to support women in disadvantaged communities in Africa and Asia. Using their unique skills, these women are able to make an earning to better support themselves, their families and their community. All products made by Mamaa Trade are made from earth-friendly materials with ecological sustainability in mind.  

Their unrefined, Grade A, 100% natural shea butter is crafted by a group of more than 60 empowered widows in Northern Ghana.

High concentrations of good fatty acids and vitamins A, E, and F make shea butter an ideal ingredient for soft lush skin. Known for its healing properties, shea butter can also be used to combat dry skin, acne, rashes, burns, insect bites, stretch marks, skin inflammation, aging, muscle aches, damaged hair, eczema and more!

Along with Shea butter, Mamaa Trade also weaves beautiful handcrafted baskets. Created in 2014 with only eight women under a mango tree, the centre for weaving has now quadrupled in size. Estonian designers work in hand with the woman to ensure durable ecological baskets for every purpose.

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