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A passion for natural fabrics, beautiful silhouettes and intricate hand embroideries is what brought two friends together to create Manan in 2005. Manan meaning "to meditate" is about the elimination of excess. It celebrates beauty in subtle forms, natural hues and balanced outfits that make you stand out, yet fit you beautifully and feel like a part of you. Each design is hand-made with exceptional detailing by highly skilled artisans that highlight a focus on luxury, quality and craftsmanship. Manan's artisans work in safe, healthy conditions and are able to make a fair wage. 

With a center on the elimination of excess and a belief in mindful production and the respect for the artisans they work with, Manan cares deeply about creating sustainable and long-lasting, environmentally conscious fabrics. Over the years, Manan has thrived due to its focus on comfort, attention to detail and on accessibility. They create designs that are wearable, relevant and become more durable over time.