Up-Cycled Vintage Collection


Colourful, Luxurious Silks

Timeless and Elegant Clothing made from a Lovingly-Curated Collection of Fine Vintage Pure Silk Fabrics

Superior Craftsmanship

Ethically Made by Artisans

Low Waste Designs

Body Inclusive Styling

Supports the Save the Elephants Organization 

Each Piece is One-of-a-Kind 


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About The SariKnotSari Pure Silk Up-cycled Vintage Collection

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Our collection consists of a small number of designs available in an infinite and ever-changing array of silk fabrics. 

The Kimono-Sleeved Duster

The Kimono-Sleeved Duster is an ethereal, long, open-front duster with a detached belt that lets you cinch the waist if you want to! 

One Size: Fits from Size 2 to Size 3X

Wear it over jeans, a dress or a bathing suit. Wear it frontwards or backwards, as a dress or as a jacket--it's a super-versatile piece of slow fashion.

Sleeves end at about the elbow.

Sheer Kimono-Sleeved Dusters work well as a cropped wrap jacket that ties in the front.

Brand tags are cleverly hidden so that you can wear the duster forwards or backwards.

The Kimono-Sleeved Duster

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“Let the customers do the talk for you”


“Let the customers do the talk for you”


“Let the customers do the talk for you”