Lodge CBD Infused Soy Candles 18 oz


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Natural. Sustainable Luxury. Eco-Friendly. Indigenous Designed. Made in Canada.

Lodge CBD oil candles are made with a blend of distilled, essential oil that contains terpenes, which produces the characteristic scent and feel of cannabis but doesn’t contain THC, the component that produces the ‘high’ feeling. You won’t experience any mind-altering sensations when you light the wick!

Once lit, the CBD oil amplifies the therapeutic effect that the essential oils our candles already have, with the added benefit of relieving stress and anxiety. Our CBD-infused candles don’t actually smell like cannabis at all and you only smell the wonderful and unique blends of our natural scents you’ve come to know us for.

Ingredients: All-Natural Soy wax, 100MG CBD oil (THC Free), Essential oils, Cotton Wicks

The double wick helps distribute the healing effects of the CBD and essential oils faster into the air and the new 18oz size provides a burn time of over 80 hours!

Our new, reusable glass containers also come with a wood lid! This beautiful, matt black, glass container can be reused for all sorts of things. Just rinse out any remaining soy wax with soap and hot water!

Promotes relaxation

Promotes calmness

Helps relieve anxiety

Helps relieve insomnia

Each of the 6 scents DeMontigny has created, not only embrace the spirit and intention of Indigenous wellness but bring the natural world into your home - oils derived from the plants, trees and spices used since time immemorial that bring peace, calm, clarity, cleansing, positive energy and healing needed during these uncertain times.


Is the scent that leads this special collection and is closest to DeMontigny’s heart. She set out to recreate the smell and feeling of being in ceremony at her traditional lodge, sitting in prayer beside a sacred fire. This very special and unique, natural soy candle, embodies that experience of utter peace and calm, transporting you to a sacred place while practicing your own daily rituals or meditations. Featuring essential oils from our 4 most important, Indigenous medicinal plants: Cedar, Sage, Sweetgrass and Tobacco, this scent is truly wholistic and provides benefits for your mind, body and spirit. Anti-bacterial, Anti-viral, Anti-fungal, soothing and protective. 

Each of the 6 scents DeMontigny has created, not only embrace the spirit and intention of Indigenous wellness but bring the natural world into your home - oils derived from the plants, trees and spices used since time immemorial that bring peace, calm, clarity, cleansing, positive energy and healing needed during these uncertain times.

Smudge (Sweetgrass)

A soft and subtle scent infused with sweetgrass that purifies, uplifts and brings positive energy to any space.

Power Smudge (Sweetgrass & Sage)

This calming scent is doubly powerful and infused with essential oils from 2 traditional medicines - Sweetgrass & Sage - used for purification and cleansing oneself and one's space.

Woodland Forest

Brings the freshness of the forest indoors with the natural essences of fir, pine and cedar trees, creating a wonderful, uplifting ambience.

Indian Summer

Spicy blends of pumpkin and cinnamon with a hint of patchouli make this a treat for the senses.

Giving Thanks

Sumptuous infusions of cranberry, dark patchouli, cinnamon and spices bring to mind memories of special family gatherings.

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