Up-cycled Elephant Figurine

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As a symbol of good luck, this elephant stands with its trunk up. This elephant is handcrafted in Laos from recycled military grade aluminium. The metal is a combination of bombs, plane parts, and other aluminium scrap metal from the Vietnam War era. A perfect gift for elephant collectors.

Laos is the most bombed country on earth and the legacy of the war remains. This purchase will help support de-mining efforts and artisan rural livelihoods in Laos. 

Two sizes available. 

  • Fair Trade
  • Sustainable Fabric (where applicable to product)
  • Handmade
  • Compostable
  • Recycled/Upcycled (where applicable to product)
  • Low Waste
  • Small-Batch
  • Artisan Made
  • Supports De-mining Efforts in Laos