Episode 1: Employees Shefali and Mira Play By Their Own Rules with @on.james.north

Welcome to our inaugural episode of “Playing by your Own Rules” featuring Mira Mohan and Shefali Liyanage from @on.james.north and @sari.knot.sari

These two young women decided that they loved the neighborhood, and that they could devote some of their time and energy to showcasing all the exciting places on the street. They are just a perfect example of how people can create change and make their own rules about how the future will look.

The same can be said for their approach towards clothing. These young ladies are not bound by the rules of fashion that limited their parents and grandparents, rather these ladies dress in a way that responds to their own inner voices, and not the voices of fashion influencers.

This is the first installment of a biweekly series where we feature our customers talking about how they break fashion rules and social expections by making their own rules.

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