About Our
Upcycled Vintage Pure Silk

This comfortable, elegant and timeless clothing line was inspired by a desire to repurpose high-quality, vibrantly-coloured, vintage pure silk South Asian saris. Participate in a clothing movement that celebrates the fabrics of India, extending their life and putting sustainability first.

Innovative Design means Minimal Waste

Together with our New Delhi team, we strive to be a low-waste company. Our scarves, pockets, pouches, scrunchies, headbands and bunting are made from left-over fabric cuttings and slightly flawed pieces so that as much of the original sari as possible is salvaged and re-purposed. Our Wabi Sabi Collection of "Perfectly Imperfect" pieces allows us to offer better prices on some pieces while still honouring the craftsmanship of our tailors and the beauty of the fabrics. We believe innovation in design is the ticket to a sustainable future.

Ethically Re-Made in India

Our products are produced by a family-run small business in Delhi. The work environments are safe and clean, and wages are fair and reasonable, and both men and women are employed equally. The sariKNOTsari team here and in India stay closely connected and it's not unusual to see a one of the head designer's children playing in the background of our regular video calls. 

Meet our Overseas Team

Our team in Delhi consists of Aanchal, her partner Sanjay and a dedicated and loyal group of tailors. Aanchal, the head designer, won the Best Designer Award in India's capital city of New Delhi 2005--a remarkable achievement given the intense design competition in India's garment industry. Aanchal's tailors have been with her for over ten years. 

Saving Elephants

Living a more sustainable lifestyle also means using your spending power to improve our world for all its inhabitants. A percentage of every sariKNOTsari item sold goes directly to the Save the Elephants Organization. We encourage you to find out more about how this organization protects elephants and their grazing lands in Africa every day through donations.

Together we can make a world of difference

Priya defines success as doing what you love while making a positive impact on the world! She believes that everyone can and is making a difference already.