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Welcome to sariKNOTsari! If it's your first time here, you're in for an exciting surprise. We do things a little differently when it comes to clothing! It might take a moment to fully grasp our unique approach, but trust us, it's worth it! What sets us apart is our passion for ethically made clothing and thoughtful gift items.

We're all about honoring the incredible work of artisans, both in our local community and around the world. Get ready to discover a world of fashion that's both stylish and socially conscious!

Click on the video below for a "Quick Start" guide to shopping at sariKNOTsari. 

Click Here to Find Your Favourite Style

Click on the link above that says Find your Favourite Style, and there you will see a description of each of our 20-or-so styles along with a bit of an explanation of what they look like and which body type they best suit. That should help you narrow down your search.

Once you pick the style you think will work for you–for example, the side slit top, or the midi length kaftan–you should go to that section in our website and have a look at what fabric options we have in that particular style. We get new fabrics all the time so you can keep an eye on the style that you like and when you see that perfect fabric come in you should definitely jump on it because, like I said, it’s one of a kind.


In order to be size-inclusive, what we’ve done is we’ve created different styles that are one size fits all, BUT some of them will fit from a size 2 to a size 12, some from size 2 to 18, and some from size 2 to size 3X. The way that we do that is we use the natural drape of the silk fabrics that we work with.

Our Sustainability Efforts

The sariKNOTsari Upcycled Vintage Pure Silk Collection is a comfortable and elegant pure silk clothing line inspired by a desire to ethically repurpose high-quality vintage silk saris with an eye towards sustainability.

Our clothing is made using vintage fabrics, giving them a second life and keeping the fabric out of landfills.

When fabric arrives to us damaged, we patch it where possible or use it to make scrunchies or pouches thereby reducing waste.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our craftsmanship—our clothes are sewn with the goal of creating pieces that can handle being washed and worn often.

Our silks are also hand-washable so that there is no need to dry-clean and create additional chemical pollution in our waterways.

We recognize that a woman’s body is always changing so we design draped clothing that is one-size fits all and size-inclusive.

Our Customers

"It started with just one silk piece from sariKNOTsari. Now, I have totally redone my wardrobe with one of a kind, curated pieces. Ethically made from recycled pure silk, with a variety of designs to wear for travel or for everyday. I feel celebrated when I wear them they are so beautiful."

~Verified Customer

Each fabric that we use–each vintage silk sari–is handpicked by the owner who makes sure that the colours are extraordinary and that the fabrics are so soft against your skin.

Most of our customers are pleasantly surprised when a piece reaches them. We often hear, “I thought it was nice online. I can’t believe how much nicer it is in person!”

We’re happy to send you pictures if you’re not sure about something you see online. Just send us a message and we will send you a video.

We’d love to work with you to help you find clothing that makes you feel your absolute best, that allows you to express yourself, and that allows room for your body to evolve.

Meet Our Canadian Team

Priya, the founder of sariKNOTsari, calls it the Parable of the White Linen Pants.

Each year in May, she would buy a lovely pair of white linen pants—her “forever” pants—and by the following May, those pants wouldn’t fit her anymore. So what did she do? She went out and bought another pair.

Eventually she had a stack of white pants that didn’t fit and she had to acknowledge that something wasn’t right—not with her, but with the fashion industry.

As we all know, the definition of insanity is doing the same this over and over again and expecting a different outcome. So Priya decided to reclaim her sanity.

She decided that if she were in charge of fashion, she would make clothes that would always fit, regardless of how her body evolved. She would use vintage fabrics—why add new pollution for fabric production to the environment? And she would demand meticulous construction from fairly paid artisans so that the clothing could stand the test of repeated washes. And thus sariKNOT sari was born!

Priya Mohan, Owner and Founder

Priya defines success as doing what you love while making a positive impact on the world! She believes that everyone can and is making a difference already. You can learn more about Priya here.

Alexandra Locke
Director of Logistics and Retail Operations

Shefali Liyanage
Integrated Brand Specialist

Mira Mohan
Customer Engagement and Content Specialist

Clark Woods
Quality Assurance and Process Optimization Specialist

Kim Cruz
Customer Experience Innovator

Jacqueline Forde
Fashion Retail Consultant

Sandy Reynolds
Fashion Retail Consultant

Rachel Pachai
Fashion Retail Consultant

This tight-knit team of dedicated individuals forms the backbone of our business, seamlessly managing a spectrum of crucial functions. From the inviting store-front that beckons customers in, to the efficient shipping that ensures orders reach their destinations promptly, their collaborative efforts make it all possible. They also tend to the digital realm, shaping our online presence through a dynamic website that mirrors our values and an engaging social media strategy that keeps our community connected and informed. Together, they orchestrate a harmonious symphony of customer experience across physical and virtual domains, embodying the heart and soul of our brand.

Meet our Overseas Team

Our products are produced by a family-run small business in Delhi. The work environments are safe and clean, wages are fair and reasonable, and both men and women are employed equally.

The sariKNOTsari team here and in India stay closely connected and it's not unusual to see a one of the head-designer's children playing in the background of our regular video calls.

Our team in Delhi consists of Aanchal, her partner Sanjay and a dedicated and loyal group of tailors. Aanchal, the head designer, won the Best Designer Award in India's capital city of New Delhi 2005--a remarkable achievement given the intense design competition in India's garment industry. Aanchal's tailors have been with her for over ten years. 

Saving Elephants

Living a more sustainable lifestyle also means using your spending power to improve our world for all its inhabitants. A percentage of every sariKNOTsari item sold goes directly to the Save the Elephants Organization. We encourage you to find out more about how this organization protects elephants and their grazing lands in Africa every day through donations.