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sariKNOTsari Upcycled Vintage Pure Silk Collection

Fair Made

Meet Shahid, one of our tailors in Delhi. We ensure safe working environments, fair wages and reasonable work hours for the adults we employ to create our small batch designs.

Generously cut, classic and elegant

made for every body

A woman's body is always changing. The drape of our fabrics and the cut of of our  one-size designs will help you look your best through all those changes 

With your support, we are helping to

save the elephants

A portion of every sariKNOTsari Upcycled Vintage Pure Silk Collection purchase goes directly to support the preservation of African elephants through the efforts of the Save the Elephants Organization


vote with your wallet

Cast your vote for the kind of world you want to live in by shopping our curated collection of products that promote a sustainable lifestyle, support artisans at home and abroad, and create an awareness of social issues

exquisite Pure Silk Fabric

Our Upcycled Vintage Pure Silk Collection is made from vintage South Asian pure silk saris. We hand-pick every single sari to find colours that will match your existing basics while adding a pop of personality and colour. Because each sari consists of only 5.5 yards of fabric, we can only make one of each item which ensures that your wardrobe is as one-of-a-kind as you are!


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PRG2493 Greater Scythebill Sheer Pure Silk Versatile Vest
One Size:

1 piece in stock.

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