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Live Friday July 12th: But Will It Fit?

🌴✨ Worried about packing for a trip? No need! Last year, I rocked my sariKNOTsari silks on vacation, and when I reached for them again this year, they still FIT PERFECTLY.

That's the magic of sariKNOTsari—you'll never stress about clothing sizes again! As South Asian women have known for centuries, it's all about the drape! 🌺

On last week's LIVE, we celebrated the easy breezy wearability of our opaque crepe silks. Today, let's shine the spotlight on sheer georgette and chiffon. These sheer silk weaves are perfect for a light and airy feel. (Memory trick tip from a customer: "Oh that Georgette! I see right through her!" 😄) As well, let’s check out the fit of some of our fave underpinnings!!

For reference, I'm 5’5” tall, my bust size is 38C, my body is more pear-shaped, and I am short-waisted. My measurements are Bust 44”, Waist 42”, Hips 45”

~Priya 💖

Find the link for today’s collection here

Live Friday July 5th: It’s Getting Hot Hot Hot!

Being in Jamaica reminded us of how nice it is to be wearing next to nothing when there’s nary a breeze. Tune in to see how close you can get to wearing nothing at all to beat the heat this summer!

Find the link for today’s collection here

Live Friday June 21st: Dressing Ndenzi

As many of you know Ndenzi is new to the sariKNOTsari team and has just started to get a taste for all the styles and fabrics we have to offer. Shefali was excited to put together some outfits that she thinks will fit Ndenzi’s style!

Find today's collection at this link

LIVE Friday June 14th, 2024: Surprise, surprise!

Things are movin’ and groovin’ at sariknotsari these days! Stay tuned for something new this Friday–could it be the latest shipment unboxed? Maybe… You’ll have to tune in and see.

Find today's collection at this link