Episode 8: Play by Your Own Rules with Guest Heather Cavanagh

You are all so inspiring to me that I feel the continual need to facilitate you meeting each other so you too can be inspired 🙌🏽

Today I chatted with Heather who has a 9 year old and a 21 year old, and who chose to move away from the bustle of the big city to life in a village with a “pet” horse named Coco. Her best advice—buy the shoes, and remember that work life balance is an impossible dream—something will always take priority for a period of time, and that’s okay 💕. We chatted about how life offers divergent paths and while those new paths might make you feel some discomfort, those paths are also opportunities. We also talked about shoes—those you wear in your 50s and those you look at wistfully, knowing you would never willfully teeter on those again. Heather is a member of our sariKNOTsari community called SOUP.

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