Play by Your Own Rules with Guest Julie Johnson

 Today I introduce you to a lovely person with whom I was chatting at the store about how watching and supporting the Drag community has inspired her to accept herself and others.

Julie Johnson is a librarian at a Catholic high school in a Cambridge and discovered the drag community while watching Ru Paul’s Drag Race with her son during the pandemic lockdowns. Since then, Julie has been inspired by how supportive the “sisterhood” of drag queens are to each other and the safe space they provide for people of all colours, shapes, sizes and genders.

My big takeaway from our conversation? When a person feels “fabulous”, that feeling is generated within them, which means it’s a feeling that should always be accessible to us if we are willing to see ourselves as fabulous every day. Also worth hearing is the advice that Julie shared at the end of our conversation.

Hope you enjoy our little chat as much as I did!

Thank you @ms.julie.johnson ❤️👑

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