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Article: Meet Heather C.

Meet Heather C.

Meet Heather C.

Heather wears a size XL (size 14-16) on the top and bottom, She is 5'10" and wears a size 40C bra. She is broad shouldered. Have fun watching her stretch her personal colour palette!

Watch her Dress Up Below:

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Front Tie Top 

Heather has a couple Front Tie tops at home, so she was already quite familiar with the style. Heather shared that she was okay with this front tie top but would personally never style it with leggings as she has today. Instead, Heather said she would pair the Front Tie top with nice pants like our linen pants or a skirt. Heather likes the front tie top style, having the bow to the front for a nice touch, but noted that these tops tend to vary by two inches when she tries them on. Based on how the silk was cut and what other pieces were made with that fabric, the top's neckline can sometimes be a bit narrower than others. The Front Tie Top was one of the last few styles Heather tried on, and we were laughing at how far we had come throughout the night! At first, when the evening started, Heather wasn't a fan of orange or burnt orange in her clothing. Still, she laughs, saying, "We have come so far" in introducing more colour to her closet.

Side Tie Tunic 

The Side Tie Top style could also work in the office, but it still has that little bit of whimsy where your style can shine through. Heather loved this piece as it was perfect for casual yet could also work as a beautiful blouse on fancier occasions. Heather loved the neutral palette of this side tie, with gorgeous greens and browns you could pull from to accessorize. This style was a yes for Heather.

Kimono Sleeved Top 

Heather first tried on a Kimono Sleeved Top that wasn't pictured. We weren't a fan of the pattern and colouring of the top for Heather, as the green in the piece needed to be lighter to complement her features. That being said, Heather liked the style of the Kimono Sleeved Top, as the sleeves generally overcompensate for the shorter hemline at the bottom of the top. The Kimono Sleeved Top works well to highlight one's figure as it has a pretty generous cut that, despite the short length, creates a beautiful drape and works against creating an awkward divide in your outfit. Heather then tried on the Kimono Sleeved Top pictured above and liked it much more. She found the pattern suited her, and she loved that this one was darker and more sheer than the first Kimono Sleeved Top she tried on.

Capelet Poncho 

Heather first tried on a beautiful Capelet Poncho that is not pictured. The Poncho was a vibrant red, yellow, and green floral print with a black zebra bordering along the edge. The Poncho was a great introduction piece for bringing colour into the closet for someone who prefers muted colours. The bright colours flattered Heather as we thought it gave her a more youthful appearance. Heather then tried on the Poncho pictured above as she loved the colour palette since it was more in her comfort zone of tones she usually wears. Heather shared that usually, she would buy this Poncho in a second; however, after seeing all the colour in the other pieces, she felt the Poncho and pattern were falling a little flat. Heather loved the piece's gorgeous embroidered border but felt the top still needed something.

Versatile Vest 

Heather adores the Versatile Vest style, so we tried many different patterns and colours in the Vest throughout the night. She first tried on the red and green Vest pictured above as part of the quest for red. Heather first styled the Vest as an asymmetrical top as shown above. She loved the fabric and the many shades of red and green in the piece. Heather shared that she would never have picked this one for herself as the pattern is so cool and bold, and she usually stays away from red. She looked fantastic in this Vest, as the bright colours and design made Heather's eyes pop! You could tell that the Vest was Heather's style as she effortlessly created a tunic-like wrap by tying the corners together at her shoulder. Heather shared that she came across SariknotSari because she loves scarves, has an incredible collection back home, and thought the Vest was such a neat style. Next, Heather tried on the blue Vest pictured on the left, which looked stunning! When trying on the Vests, we discussed whether you could wear these pieces in a more corporate setting or whether they are too casual for the workplace. Among other styles like the Kaftan, Heather said she would wear this style to the office any day, especially in this gorgeous blue colour! The last Vest that Heather tried on was a stunning olive green piece pictured above. The camera can't quite capture it, but upon closer look at the fabric, there is a metallic sheen to the colour of the silk that is just breathtaking. Heather looked regal in the green Vest and is fantastic at styling it, tying it again to create a tunic-like dress.

Kimono Sleeved Jacket (without belt) 


Heather tried on a gorgeous satin silk Kimono Sleeve Jacket with a red, gray, black, and a subtle lilac pattern. Heather styled the Jacket without the belt, wearing it more like our Cardigan. Heather said the piece felt a little boudoir, but she would still wear it and liked it. We tried the style hack shared by our lovely customer Jackie, in which you tie the two sides of the Jacket together, a hack that Alex also uses around the store. This styling trick accentuates your figure to create a more defined shape. Heather doesn't have anything in red but loves the colour in this piece; this prompted Priya to pick as many beautiful red pieces from around the store for Heather to try on as Priya thought Heather looked absolutely divine in colour!

Waterfall Top 

The Waterfall top was a no-brainer for us as we all thought it looked amazing on Heather. The piece was so perfect it looked like she came in with it! The pattern was a little somber but still light, filled with colours that beautifully complement her features.

Hi Lo Top 

Heather has been told that she looks fantastic in purple many times, so when trying new colours for her wardrobe, she wanted to try this gorgeous purple Hi-Lo Top. The piece looked great on her, and she loved how the black was also mixed into the pattern. The Hi-Lo Top worked beautifully with the layer-on-layer look Heather was rocking that night. Though we think she looked fantastic, Heather shared that she would never pick this for herself as she has spent her whole life wearing black and grey- a very Toronto colour scheme.

Tapered Tunic 

Heather had previously never tried on a Tapered Tunic before, so she was very interested in the cut for her. The Tapered Tunic is a looser style than the tops Heather had previously tried on tonight; however, we loved the neckline and sculpted look on her. Heather first tried on a cream and brown Tunic that was not pictured, then she tried on the one shown above that was chosen for her by Priya. Heather found the second Tunic a bit too bold for her taste and preferred the neutral Tunic she tried on earlier; however, she did like the style and felt very comfortable in it. The Tapered Tunic style suits Heather well, as she has broad shoulders, and the Tapered Tunic style has a wide neckline. Heather also tried on a third Tapered Tunic in a warm brown with pink undertones and a simple pattern. We paired it with a Cardigan in the matching pattern styled using our upside-down Cardigan hack. The matching set looked terrific on Heather, and she loved the look for the coverage and the beautiful flowing layers!

Midi Kaftan 

Heather tried on an array of Midi Kaftans while playing dress-up. She first tried on the polka dot kaftan pictured in the center. This Kaftan has a muted design on the back of the piece that Heather loved more than the polka dots for herself, even though we thought she looked spectacular in the polka dot pattern. Heather shared that she likes to style the Midi Kaftan by using the bunching hack to break up the shape of the Kaftan and add some flair. The polka dot pattern of the Kaftan paired perfectly with the Brynn Walker linen pants, matching with Isola, Millpond, and Elk. After seeing the polka dot side to the front, Heather slightly changed her tune, sharing she may wear it this way but loves the piece for the more muted side. She tried on the pink and purple Kaftan pictured on the left next. The purple tone complements her features wonderfully, especially her green eyes. Heather liked this Kaftan, but we found that the pattern on the purple side creates a rectangular shape, causing Heather's natural figure to become a little lost. Heather shared that she would wear the purple side to the front for a beach cover-up but prefers the other side of the Kaftan, a lovely peach colour, for everyday wear. The peach and purple Kaftan paired wonderfully with the Tashi voile pants in watermelon. Lastly, Heather tried on the blue Kaftan pictured on the right with a Duster in the matching pattern. Although Heather stays away from blues cause of her colouring, this blue had undertones of teal, which does complement her features--all this to say she looked amazing in this piece! The combination of the two styles, the Kaftan and the Duster, was beautiful. Heather said she wouldn't wear this styling around town but could easily see it as something she'd wear around a resort. The blue Kaftan and duster also looked fabulous when accessorized with some of our exquisite Mary Francis bags!

Kimono Sleeved Duster 

Heather tried on a mosaic-patterned Kimono Sleeved Duster pictured above. She liked the style but wanted a pattern that was a bit brighter. We styled the Duster by tying the sides together in the center, much like how we styled the Kimono Sleeved Jacket. Heather loved the interesting pattern on the Duster, loving how it was all connected and moved together.

Maxi Kaftan

While playing dress up, Heather tried on the sample of the Maxi Kaftan that will be arriving in our next shipment. Heather absolutely loved the style and everything about it! It was the perfect pattern for Heather's tastes, and she couldn't get over the beauty of the slits on the side. If you are interested in this new style, check out the sneak peek for the next shipment on our website to see the gorgeous patterns in store soon!

One Shoulder Dress 

Heather likes dark colours, so the first One Shoulder Dress she tried was this gorgeous dark wine with light blue flowers, pictured on the left. She also tried on a different One-Shoulder Dress that was gold and red that was not shown. She found the red and gold dress was a bit more snug, having a narrower neckline than the other One-Shoulder Dress she wore. We also found that while she looked great in the red, the shade she wore was not the best colour for her as it made her eyes pop more than her lips, which is usually the feature that pops with her wardrobe. Priya then went to find a more pink-toned red than an orange-toned red to complement Heather's colouring. This was the beginning of the quest for red that Priya went on throughout the night as she was determined to find the shade of red that best suited Heather. Finally, Heather tried on the white, grey, and red One-Shoulder pictured on the right and loved the look. She found this one fit better along the top than the first One-Shoulder she tried.

Boxy Babydoll Dress

Heather looked terrific in the Boxy Babydoll dresses! She first tried the one pictured on the right with the paisley design, traditionally known as bhutar. Her younger daughter, who was in the store earlier helping her pick out pieces, says that Heather prefers dark colours, but she thinks she looks amazing in bright colours. After seeing this Boxy Babydoll Dress, we agree that these gorgeous colours look fabulous on her! The particular pattern and colouring of this Babydoll Dress worked so well for Heather's features as the pink tones complement her skin, the brown tones go great with her hair, the greener tones pick up her eye colour, and the pattern divides down the center which breaks up the shape of the dress. Heather looked fabulous, especially when we paired a yellow-gold Suzie Blue necklace with the dress. Heather then tried on the Babydoll Dress pictured in the center, which had been picked as one of the pieces in the quest to find her the perfect red. Priya chose this piece for Heather because of the darker red and the bolder pattern. Heather liked this shade as it was more like a wine colour than a red, and she looked incredible! Heather shared that she likes reds paired or mixed with creams or greens to soften the colour. Lastly, Heather tried on the Babydoll Dress pictured on the left, another piece chosen for the quest for red. Priya chose this dress for Heather because of the pinkier tone of red, and Priya loves that it's a crepe piece with a pattern with a lot of movement. However, Heather did not love this piece for herself as she felt it was the wrong shade of red since it didn't pop, and she thought the pattern was too orange. She thought the dress was gorgeous but not the right fit for her.

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