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Article: Meet Ellen

Meet Ellen

Meet Ellen

Ellen came in a little nervous as her body had changed over the last few years but left the dress up happy and feeling good about herself! Ellen is about 5’6” tall with broader shoulders and a more pear-shaped body. She generally wears a plus size in clothes (1X) and her bra size is 44B.

What we discovered is that Ellen looks best in our dress styles that elongate her body, even though she actually looked pretty darn good in everything! 


Boxy Top

Ellen was not a fan of the boxy top. She felt that it landed at the wrong spot for her—she said she would have liked it if it were a tad shorter or longer. We tried it under a duster, which worked better but still seemed to cut her in the wrong spot. 

Kimono-Sleeved Top

Because the boxy top felt short, we didn’t have high hopes to the Kimono-Sleeved Top, but we were wrong! It looked amazing on Ellen. We felt it would look even better if she were wearing dress pants instead of leggings. The style worked beautifully with her frame.

Hi Lo Top

The Hi Lo top was also elegant on Ellen. There was nothing not to love!

Front Tie Top

We decided that this style would work on Ellen if she had to have a blouse under a jacket or sweater, but we didn’t like it on its own, either frontwards or backwards because of the length. 

Waterfall Top

We loved this style! We tried it on both frontwards and backwards, and decided that we preferred when Ellen wore it, so that the front and left sides were different as opposed to the same. The big surprise was when we tried it on with a matching versatile vest, we couldn’t believe how graceful and flowy Ellen looked.


Long Tunic with Side Ties

We liked the style, but we felt that it cut in a little bit too much under the arm and ran a little too closely to her body along the sides. The length was great.

Tunic Length Kaftan

We already knew that Ellen would look beautifully proportioned in the midi length kaftan so we had our doubts about the shorter version. If we had to choose between the two, we would definitely prefer Ellen in the longer kaftan, but we liked the look of the short kaftan, perhaps as a bathing suit cover-up or with long boots. 

Tapered Tunic

This sheer style looked great on Ellen. We think it was flattering because it had the larger neck line, and because it was so sheer that you could see her body through the fabric.


Layering Pieces


The shrug style did fit Allan, but she said she didn’t feel comfortable with just fabric on her arms and nowhere else. Even when we tried it on with a matching maxi dress, she just felt like it wasn’t the style for her.


Ellens favourite way of wearing the poncho was tunic style with the longer side at the front and back. Because the kimono sleeved top looked so great on her, we knew that this style would also work if she styled it that way, squared with the shorter side to the front and back. Wearing the poncho asymmetrically also looked great. 

Kimono-Sleeved Jacket

Again, the issue we had with the style was that we had already seen Ellen in the longer version and preferred those elongating styles on her. We definitely did not like this piece flipped upside down and worn bolero style. It just seemed to add too much fabric around Ellen’s shoulders. 



The cardigan style was breathtaking on Ellen. We loved it when she were at the usual way, and then blew our minds when she flipped it upside down and wore it, using the “styling hack“.

Versatile Vest

We tried the vest on Ellen in a bunch of different ways, and decided it worked best on her as an asymmetrical top. 


Kimono Sleeved Duster

This style was a no-brainer. Ellen preferred it without the belt.  We realized that a matching boxy top underneath would probably be less flattering than a long tunic with side ties would be underneath. 



We can’t say enough about how well this style suited Ellen! She was made for the longer dress styles for sure!

Midi Length Kaftan



Ellen’s extra height made the jumpsuit fall to the exact right length on her. Another winner!


Maxi Dress

We loved the maxi dress, tied at the shoulders and also halter style. We realized that Ellen looked better in vertical lines, then with big blocks of colour on the front of the dress.



Boxy Babydoll Dress

Ellen have never tried a boxy babydoll dress and she loved the style so much it made her do a spin :-)


Self Pocket Dress

The self pocket dress also looked like it was made for her body type. Beautiful! 

One-Shoulder Dress

By far Ellen’s favourite style is the one shoulder dress, which sets so beautifully on her shoulders, and shows off her curves and legs to advantage. 



You can watch the entire Dress Up Video Here:

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