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Article: Multi-purpose Items Every Wardrobe Needs

Multi-purpose Items Every Wardrobe Needs

Multi-purpose Items Every Wardrobe Needs

Thank you all your positive feedback on last week’s blog. I really do believe if we work together, we can and do make a difference!

This week I wanted to highlight 5 items we have in store that every wardrobe needs. I picked these items because they have more than one function and that is what slow fashion is all about. What we seek to do is buy less and wear more. By adding items like these into your wardrobe, you can easily dress your other pieces up or down. Let’s get started!


  1. Brooch
We were all so excited at the store when these came in. This brooch is magnetic so it won’t ruin the items you use it on. This is especially important with our beautiful silk items! It can be used as a decorative accessory or to pin items shut such as shawls or kimonos.


Another great purpose is to carry your glasses! I’m always losing mine so it’s great to keep them right on me. We get this item from Barbara Rubber, a company that recycles rubber tires into necklaces. So you know your money is going to a great organization that is helping clean the environment! 


2. Sleevey Wonders

These are another cool item I’m excited to share with you. Sleevey Wonders take your items from summer to winter. What a great way to double your wardrobe by only buying one item! Usually, when we want to layer, the added clothing adds unnecessary warmth. With this item you don’t have to worry about that!


Sleevey Wonders are also great for following a dress code at work or if you want to feel more comfortable in a certain outfit. We have a full sleeve style and a ¾ length one, as well. Each side of this item is different so you can wear it with a high neckline or as a V-Neck, an added bonus!


  1. Upcycled Scarf
I love scarves...I think I wear one every day. I try to keep a more neutral wardrobe so I can mix and match items and wear them more often. A scarf is a great pop of colour to these pieces! Scarves can be used for warmth or as a decorative accessory. You can wear them with a plain top or a nice dress as a way to dress an outfit up or down.


We have scarves with our sariKNOTsari line that are made of upcycled saris in India. This means they help the planet while you wear them by saving the material from going into a landfill. Our scarves come in squares and rectangles and in cotton or silk. They also double as reusable, fabric gift wrap...does it get any better? 

  1. Black Pants
Do I even need to tell you that you need this? I think all of us have a pair of black leggings or pants in our closet! We carry a brand called Diane Kennedy and what makes these items different is that they are made of bamboo. This bamboo is organic, eco-friendly, and breathable. And these products are made in Canada.


They are seriously so comfortable! Once again, these are items that can be dressed up or down, used to layer under dresses, or worn alone. We carry both regular and plus-size options. Bamboo also rarely needs to be ironed, saving you time!


  1. Black Top
Just like I said above, I’m sure we all have black tops in our closets! We wear and wear and wear them until they are see-through (which doesn’t take long if you buy a top from a regular retailer). The tops we carry are from the same brand, Diane Kennedy, and made of bamboo. They are made to last without stretching or thinning.


We have both camisoles and long-sleeved tops for all your layering needs. As I’ve said with the other items in this post, they can be dressed up or down with the right accessories. I pick black because it matches virtually everything which means you will wear it more and that is what we want!

At the end of the day, the slow fashion movement is all about doing what’s best for you and the planet.


Who doesn’t want to save money by buying less clothes while also reducing their environmental footprint?

What are some items you own that are multipurpose?


Let me know in the comments!