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Article: One Man's Trash...

One Man's Trash...

One Man's Trash...

Hi everyone,

Melanie here at sariKNOTsari and today I’m working in the store so I wanted to use it as an opportunity to show you some of our new pieces that just came in. And specifically to talk to you about fabric upcycling. I’ve talked about this in the blog before but we got some new pieces in that show we are really trying not to have scraps go in the landfill but use them for different products, as well.

So when artisans have a sari they usually cut it into three pieces and I would say they can get three to four items of clothing out of them. So, for example, this shawl is a beautiful purple and light brown print. And we also have other items in store when we use an upcycled sari so they can make a shawl, a vest, a top, pants...a few different items out of the individual sari.

But now what they’re doing with small scraps, instead of having these go in the landfill, we are making them into new products. So these just came in the store a few days ago and it’s our headband, as you can see it was the same fabric as the shawl and then we also have a scrunchie. It just goes to show that when we’re making new items we aren’t just using a little piece of new fabric that’s being produced. We are actually using all recycled fabric from the same sari.


So, like I said, the sari can be used for many different shapes, sizes, styles of clothing and now smaller hair accessories. Another thing I wanted to show you is these new straw pouches that just came in. And these I’m really excited for personally because I use reusable straws and cutlery but after they are used you don’t want to put them back in your purse dirty. So you can just throw them in here and then the pouch itself can be hand washed or put in the washing machine and it’s clean!

It has some matching items! So it has a scrunchie, I believe we also have a headband. Just again I’m so excited for these recycled sari products...that they are using the scraps to make smaller items!


The bunting I’ve talked about on the blog, as well. This is many different colours and patterns. These they would’ve used scraps...maybe they were making clothing for us and had just a few smaller pieces and decided to make the decorative bunting. This is a great way to add a pop of colour...a lot of us have minimalistic/neutral homes and we want to add a splash of colour. It’s an easy decoration you can change out. And it’s another great way to support the cause.

With these items I think it’s really important that they’re more reasonably priced. Sometimes with fair trade we get people saying that they want to support us but it’s a little more expensive and not in their budget. So, in terms of accessibility, this is something you can give as a gift to someone or buy for yourself at a smaller price point. It makes a great stocking stuffer and you can support slow fashion and sustainability while doing so!


This is our gift wrap. Sustainable gift wrap is a huge thing lately, especially around the holidays. Instead of throwing all that wrapping paper out, you can give someone a beautiful piece of fabric. Again, all upcycled saris (silk or cotton). And these are multipurpose! A lot of things we carry here have versatility and multi-purpose. So you can use this as a handkerchief, a scarf, a shawl if it’s cold outside. They can be just about anything. Some people use them as napkins too. So that’s something else I wanted to show you that came in that uses recycled fabrics.

And these also came in- if you’re more a fan of leather or people who are looking for Father’s Day gifts or buying for men in their life they usually like leather. These are recycled leather remnants we get from India. Priya was there and worked with a group called Studio Kassa. And when they don’t have enough leather to make a new item like a wallet or a journal they turn it into these brooches. You put them on with a magnet and they are perfect for closing up shawls, scarves, or adding a decorative embellishment.


These are earbud holders- a lot of us have ear buds at the bottom of our purses all tangled up in a knot. With these you just wrap them around and close...perfect!

And our linen line I’m going to do a blog about soon. About the versatility of it- it’s multipurpose, reversible, adjustable, one size fits all. I’ll talk about that another time! But these are scraps from our linen line. In neutral colours we have beige, black, and a grey/blue. You can mix and match all of them. And easily add a pop of colour for spring of summer if you want to.


Lastly, our Doodlage line. Doodlage is a line coming in this week from India. They also use upcycled scraps and things that would otherwise go in the landfill from other designers and clothing companies. They usually gather them all up and throw them on the floor, never use them again. Doodlage turns them into new clothing. I’ll go into more detail about them in a future blog post or unboxing.

But I wanted to give you a little preview. I’m trying to think which fabric I should start with I love them all so much. The first time I saw this first one I thought the design came from painting or dying. But if you look close enough it’s different coloured fabrics that they used to make this design. And then they make the circle with an embroidering. I love this because it’s making something beautiful out of something that would’ve otherwise been scrapped.


It’s a great environmentally friendly way to repurpose things! And the fabric feels so soft! Stay tuned for new items coming in with these fabrics. I love the embroidery on this next one. It’s made of recycled denim...what a cool company! And the embroidery says “hold on to your dreams tonight, don’t let them fade away.” And this last one is coming in a duffel cool is that colour, I love it! If you look close there is embroidering but other than that the design comes from fabric scraps. So we have a beautiful jacket coming in, dresses, duffel bags, eye masks, makeup many things!

And if you’re gonna buy, buy sustainable. We are not asking you to buy more, I always reinforce that in my blogs. We are asking that when you have to buy, for yourself or as a gift, look at where it’s coming from and what it’s made of.


So I’m so excited to share these new items with you I know it was a long blog today but there was so much to talk about. And I look forward to talking to you next week! We’re gonna talk more about all the new pieces that are coming in.

Thanks so much,




Photo credit: @petraalexandra