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Nepacrafts always wanted to find the underprivileged artisans from different sections of society and promote them, their stories and their products to the global marketplace.

They had a greater vision; a vision towards building the lives of the artisans, a vision to bring the most authentic products which are harvested sustainably and ethically sourced from distant villages or communities, a vision to bring the artisans to the global marketplace where they could show their talent; while at the same time, integrating traditional crafts and modern business practice, share their stories and sell their products; a vision which included fair trade, eco friendly & sustainable materials, community development, social welfare and uplifting national economy.

NepaCrafts today has grown from a mere trading platform to an artisan marketplace with over 200 artisans involved directly. Each artisan has their own story. We weave their talent, life, family, society and help create beautiful products which touch the hearts of our customers.



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