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Article: 10 Quick Facts About Priya

10 Quick Facts About Priya

10 Quick Facts About Priya

Hi! I’m Priya Mohan. Here are 10 facts about me:

  1. I’m 52 years old and I founded sariKNOTsari 4 years ago.
  2. My favourite colour is teal. But only when it’s paired with red. Otherwise it’s emerald green but then I also love me a good purple! Wait, but also just red, maybe with orange? Oh! And ochre! And olive! Maybe it would be easier to list colours I don’t like…. Nope, can’t think of any 🙈 
  3. I taught at high school for 25 years with the Halton and Peel District School Boards. I started out teaching English and History, but eventually found my niche supporting students with learning disabilities. Teaching kids is fun because the best learning comes from play!
  4. I’ve known my husband for over 30 years and our journey together has been one of growth and increased communication, love, compassion and understanding. (Yup, that is definitely the bird’s eye view!!) Together, we have three daughters, all of whom have found ways to give back in their personal and professional lives. Their future on our planet was my inspiration to create a brand that allowed women to still have fun with clothing in a way that doesn’t harm the earth. 
  5. As a child, I would tie myself into my mom’s colourful sari petticoats to create multi-layered dresses. I would drift through the house practicing “poise” by balancing an Avon soapdish holder on my head as a crown. I still love clothes and playing dress up! It’s an ethereal feeling to twirl around and have the silk float through the air as you spin!
  6. sariKNOTsari is the evolution of a sustainability journey that started with vintage furniture. I have always felt that “things” carry with them the energy and dreams of their owners and through sharing these “things” we share in people’s journeys. I often imagine the people whose stories I now get to share through the garments I create from their pre-loved saris. What made them choose that colour? What event did they wear it to? Who did they take shopping with them? By wearing upcycled vintage silks, we get to be chapters in the fabric’s story, a story that documents people’s lives.
  7. Comfort is everything these days. Age has stripped away the energy for being precious about how I look—belts, buttons and panty hose are things of my past. Now I enjoy the things that matter, like being comfortable in my own skin and in my clothing (and shoes!!)
  8. I am all about community! How can we lift each other up and use our energy to improve everyone’s life, not just some lives? How can we bring people together where the focus isn’t fashion, but is individuality and authenticity. How can we re-envision “consumerism” as a way to improve our world for all the people in it? How can we be more accepting of ourselves and each other? I want shopping to be about so much more than just the “stuff” we buy. 
  9. When I meet someone, I look for their inner child–the most authentic part of themselves that is still full of wonder. I feel like the children within us deserve to be seen and given the opportunity to play dress up again!
  10. I am blessed. I know you hear that a lot these days, but I really mean it! Every day is a miracle of people and ideas and opportunities to just “be” but in new exciting ways.

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I’m the same about colour! Except I don’t love peach😉

Rebecca Bair-Patel

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