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Article: Meet Alison

Meet Alison

Meet Alison

Today Priya played dress up with her friend from the Sun Kyeong Toronto Centre. Alison is tentative about fashion and came to the evening sadly skeptical that anything would make her feel pretty and well-put-together. You can see from her beaming smile at the end that these clothes have given her a new sense of confidence!

Alison is a petite  5'4" and has a pear-shaped bodyAlison has quite narrow shoulders. Generally on the bottom Alison wears a size 10-12 and a size M/L on top (she leans towards larger tops to ensure she has enough room for her hips.  

Alison's favourite styles were the boxy top, side slit top, kimono-sleeved top, front tie top, long tunic with side ties and the poncho.

She isn't a fan of longer looks, dresses in particular, even though they all looked great on her!

 Watch the segment below.

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