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Article: Meet Sandy and Katharine

Meet Sandy and Katharine

Meet Sandy and Katharine

Playing Dress up with Sandy and Katharine

Sandy and Katharine are sisters with similar bodies but different heights—Sandy is the taller of the two at 5’8” and Katharine is slighter shorter at 5’4”. 

Both wear size medium/large or a size 12 in most clothes, and both wear size 38C bras. 

Shefali and Mira were on hand to join in the fun.

This is what we learned about which styles best suit these two lovely ladies!




There were a lot of first time tries for Kat! Personally she usually purchases ponchos, versatile vests, Hi Lo tops and kimono sleeved tops, and hadn’t branched out to our longer tunic length top styles. She loved the side tie tunic top, especially when turned to the back! And the length worked really well on her. She found the front tie top to not be as flattering. During the live, she tried it on with the tie to the front, and did not love how the tie looked when just loosely tied and dropped down. However we tightened the tie and turned the top into a blouse, and she liked that a lot more! The waterfall top was a new favourite of Kat’s. She loved the way it draped from the side, and we found that georgette silks fell better on her than the crepe silk we picked. When trying on the tapered tunic, she wasn’t at first a fan of how wide the top was. However the style grew on her, and she prefers the sheer silks. The boxy top in a sheer silk was another style she hadn’t tried before, but she ended up loving it!!


Sandy’s selection of tops usually are Hi Lo, Side ties, and ponchos! Generally with all styles, she liked to wear them with the V to the back. Unlike her sister, Sandy prefers less vivid colours, and leans to earthier tones with greys that match her hair. Blues also worked great on her! She loved the kimono sleeved top, but prefers the ponchos due to their versatility. This was her first time trying on the front tie, and she wore it so the tie was to the back! She loved it, and tightened it around her to create a blouse that worked amazingly on her. The tapered tunic Sandy picked out was very fun, and she accessorized with an array of fun coloured coconut shell and wood beaded bracelets.





Kat owns a few dusters, jackets, and tried those on during the live to show off how nice they looked on her! We found a beautiful jacket that had the most amazing embroidery! She usually wears the tie as a neck scarf, adding some personal flair. We also found that the cardigan looked great on her, using the styling hack of flipping the style over your head. (Check out our reels to find out how!) One style that Kat didn’t love as much was the shrug style, which we found looked good on her!! It was just that she wasn’t used to wearing that style, so she didn’t feel as comfortable in it. 


Sandy had never worn a short jacket, and she loved it when worn using our upside down hack. We then added a button to create a square shape that added some sculpt, and really showcased the colours in the silk! The colours of the jacket she wore were particular favourites! The duster worn with the boxy top was a great set, and she loved the colour and pattern of the set we found! Her favourite style however, was the waterfall top worn with a silk cardigan flipped over. It added beautiful sculpt with the lapels created, and even though the set was styled with very similar fabrics, nothing clashed!





Kat already is a big fan of the sculptural tunic dress, maxi dress, and one shoulder dress! So it was no surprise that these styles looked amazing on her during the live! We also ended up loving the short and midi kaftan on her. We discussed how the sheer silks in the midi kaftan worked better on her height since you were able to see her frame beneath the fabric. The silk jumpsuit was a little long on her, but we found that this shipment of jumpsuits was longer than our usual length (this has been fixed on our tailors end!) Kat also liked the self pocket dress style, but she didn’t love the fabric choices we had in store (more are coming this shipment!) 


Sandy has loved our midi length kaftans in the past, but she didn’t love the one she chose because of the beige background of the fabric.
But it is a style she loves and wears often! She was not a fan of the one shoulder dress, but liked it a lot more on her sister. The self pocket and boxy babydoll are long time favourites of hers, and she looked so good in the ones she picked! Sandy also tried on a few maxi dress and shrug sets, and felt groovy and free in everything! She felt like Stevie Nicks in the simpler silk patterned dress, but the sparklier fabrics made her feel like a beautiful wedding guest.


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