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Article: An Outfit For Every Occasion

An Outfit For Every Occasion

An Outfit For Every Occasion

We all have faced the problem of having an event to go to but not knowing what to wear. Is this outfit too casual? Is this dress too dressy? Often times women wander into the store and fall in love with a piece only to express their uncertainty of where to wear an item. That is why I am giving you a complete guide to current in-stock items and what occasion they would be perfect for. Lets go!
Christmas Day: Ruby Duster
This rich red kimono features beautiful gold embellishment that will command any room. The best part about it is all you have to do is layer it over leggings and a cami and bam! You look put together without losing any comfort. I chose “Ruby” as my Christmas pick because of the festive red and the touch of golden glimmer. From your office Christmas party to hosting your family for Christmas Dinner, Ruby is sure to dazzle and wow.
New Years Eve: Purple Duster
 When I think of New years a few things come to mind- Purple, gold, and GLITTER. “Farah” another lovely long kimono, checks off all of the above. Shimmery without being too fancy, Farah is an effortlessly elegant piece with beautiful embellished flowers that glisten. I think Farah would look best over a little black dress or with dark wash jeans and a pair of heels. Now who’s ready to pop that champagne and be the best dressed in the room?
3. Wedding:  Hunter Flowing Halter Dress
There is something about the cut of our halter dresses that make them oh so romantic. A wedding favourite, our halter dress can be worn with a V-neck cut or as pictured. Want even more versatility? Cinch with a belt for the perfect hourglass figure or wear loose for timeless flow. 
4. Nice Dinner: Blossom Kimono Sleeved Top 
The amazing thing about our kimono sleeved tops is that they do all the work for you. Look effortlessly classy and stylish with gorgeous draped sleeves. Pairs amazingly with jeans and can be taken off and worn as a scarf!
5. Beach: Helmit Midi-Length Kaftan
The most luxurious beach cover up! Our Kaftans are one of our top picks for cruisewear because they are so easy to throw over a swimsuit. Moisture absorbing silk is perfect for hot climates and practically weightless to pack in luggage. I love this piece "Helmit," because of its beautiful purple hues.