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Article: Good On You

Good On You

Good On You

Hello everyone!

This week I wanted to talk about a great app I found called Good On You. I was talking to my dad about slow fashion and fair trade clothing and he made a good point, “How do you know if a brand is ethically sourcing or not?”


It’s one thing to have the knowledge that we need to support better brands but it’s another thing to act! When you are shopping and find a piece of clothing you love, how do you know that it benefits people instead of harming them? So I thought I would give you the tools to do so this week!  

The app is called Good On You and I believe I discovered it on Instagram. This app is based out of Australia and has 1,300 clothing and accessory brands. Good On You has amazing features you can easily navigate. For example, you can search by brand/store or by category, see overall or detailed ratings, and refine searches by ratings, prices, and styles.


Here are their four main features:

See how your favourite brands rate

This app allows you to search brands and gives you ratings on them based on labour rights, effect on the environment, and animal welfare. It gives each company a general rating out of five and detailed ratings on each of the three categories. What I like is that the app provides blurbs on each brand and category explaining why they chose the rating they did.

Discover new, ethical brands


Under the preferences section you are able to choose the criteria that are most important to you when buying clothing (labour rights, environmental impact, and/or animal welfare). Good On You then suggests new and ethical brands that it thinks you will like. There’s also an option to put in your location so they can tell you which retailers close by carry these brands. This is another feature I enjoyed! It also personalized suggestions based on my location, gender, and style. 

Find great deals on ethical brands


We have all heard the argument that ethical brands can be more expensive. But you’ve seen me talk about quality over quantity in this blog and buying less/wearing more. I still believe all this but another feature of this app is that it shows you local offers on ethical brands. So if you’ve had your eye on a piece but can’t afford it at this time, you will be notified when it goes on sale. This makes ethically sourced pieces more affordable for more people.

Tell brands you want them to change for the better


So what about the “bad” brands? The ones with not so great ratings? Good On You’s last feature is being able to provide feedback. This feedback can be positive or negative and is a great way to let brands know what consumers are looking for. And this app suggests similar, more ethical alternatives for you to explore!


More and more brands are moving from brick and mortar shops to online stores. This makes it harder to ask questions of sales associates. This app fixes that problem and does the work for you! You can have the answers to all your questions at your fingertips. They also have a great blog I recommend reading (in case you get bored of mine haha).

Don’t see a brand you want to know more about? Put in a request! I put in one for sariKNOTsari so hopefully they rate us soon. This really encourages transparency in the fashion world which is what we need more of. I wish I found this app sooner! What a great and easy way for us to have our voices heard.


Here’s their website if you want to learn more about them and how they rate brands:

Check it out and let me know what you think. How did your favourite clothing brand measure up? When are you most likely to use this app?


Until next week,