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Azure by Manvi

Have you ever considered that the garments one wears are an extension of their inner soul projected on the outside? At Azure, this belief is embraced wholeheartedly.

The brand sees clothes as more than just fabrics; they are tales of encounters, a collection of memoirs, of moods and desires. Azure by Manvi celebrates these stories composed into tastefully crafted fashion garments and accessories that aim to redefine modernity itself. With an unusual mix of Indian cultural ingredients topped with western seasoning, the brand intends to make fashion more flavorful.

The beauty of Azure's products lies in their curated and personal touch, achieved through meticulous craftsmanship. Retaining the purest traditional techniques of printing and embroideries from India, the products are accentuated with eclectic style details borrowed from the west. They are hand-printed, hand-stitched, hand-embroidered, and handpicked with unparalleled finesse and genuine passion for uncorrupted authenticity and uncompromised quality.

The founder and designer, Manvi, holds beauty close and strength even closer. As a lover of aesthetics, she believes that each garment worn and each accessory adorned must feel like a breath of fresh air, lifting spirits up. Azure by Manvi was created as an attempt to evoke an emotion of homecoming. The vision is to make eco-friendly, sustainable, ethical, slow-fashion products in natural fabrics that are easy on the skin and easier on the earth.

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