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An intention is something you want to remind yourself each day for your current life and future life wishes...

Begin your exploration with semi-precious stones and their energy; this jewellery is not only beautiful but also powerful.  Hand-strung with love and dedication by Franca Galati, each bracelet is crafted to help you infuse specific intentions into your life. Whether you're searching to harness direction, serenity, or positive attitude in your life, these natural stone bracelets are ready to accompany you on your journey!

In addition, the health and wellness of essential oils have also been integrated into the collection to allow you to diffuse your favourite oils and bring you greater peace. Having affected so many people in her daily life, Franca’s creations have given her an enormous sense of gratitude and further driven her passion. She along with us at SariKNOTsari, invite you to explore your infusion with natural stones and mindfulness and begin to live your life with intention.