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Featured Silk Collections

Trying to find something you saw on an Instagram live? Here are links to the collections we have featured (look for underlined words) 

What's in Store on Friday January 12th 2024 

Find the collection Here

What's in Store on Friday January 5th, 2024

Hey everyone! We are so excited to play the matching game with the yummy new Bryn Walker Casbah Pants! Come watch the fun--just in time for vacation season!

Find the Collection Here


What's in Store Friday December 29, 2023: Priya's Travel Picks

Heading to warmer climates? Shop Priya's travel picks before silk prices go up on January 1st, 2024

Find the collection here


What's in Store on Friday December 15th, 2023

Tonight @annebokma popped in to talk about @bodybravecanada while Priya highlighted styles that were designed to “fit for life”💕

Find the collection here


Fully Festive: What's In Store on Friday December 8. 2023

'Tis the season! Why wear a Holiday Sweater when you can dazzle in silk!

Find the collection here


 What's In Store on Friday November 24, 2023: Wabi Sabi Winners

As a team, we sometimes look at silk pieces and ask ourselves: How is this still here?!?!  Watch this video to see our collection of Wabi Sabi Winners

Find the Collection Here


Find Your Fit: Ponchos with Priya on Friday November 17, 2023

Today we tried some poncho magic! What better way to elevate yourself from the ordinary? Let's see what we can do with ponchos!

Find the Collection here

"Festive, Not Festive" on Friday November 10, 2023

Holiday season is upon us! Tonight we show you some pieces that are especially suited for the festive season, but equally great on vacation!

Find the collection here.

The October Sneak Peek CURATED

There were just too many to show at once! Tonight we share a curated collection from our October Sneak Peek! Check out the full collection here


What's in Store of Friday October 27, 2023

Join us for “silk therapy”. In a world gone crazy, let’s revel in the softness of fabric and the artistry of pattern and colour. It’s time to unfreeze our brains from the panic of what’s happening in this world so we can activate ourselves to make a difference. Find the collection here.


What's in Store of Friday October 20, 2023

Today Sandy and I donned our denim to create some fun fall looks! Find the full collection here

Handbags for Hospice Fashion Show

Find the collection at this link


What's in Store on Friday October 6, 2023

We just received a some new magnetic brooches and they are like jewelry for your clothes! Today, we got creative with magnets, silks and layering.

Find the collection here


Playing Dress Up with Monique and Lisa

Today we played dress up with Monique and Lisa. You may recognize Monique from our Playing By Your Owns Rules series. Monique is a local renowned photographer. She is 5'4" tall. She generally wears a size XL on top and a size 14 on the bottom. She is a breast cancer thriver and has had a complete mastectomy without reconstruction. Her measurements are bust 36", waist 38" and hip 44". 

Lisa (she/her) is a trans woman who used to model and is currently in film. Her height is 5'9" and she usually wears a size large in tops and a size 14 in bottoms. Her measurements are bust 45" (bra size 42C), waist 35" and hip 38".

Find the collection here


What's in Store on Friday September 29, 2023

Layering and the Bryn Walker Linen Pre-order! Find the collection HERE.

What's in Store on Friday September 22, 2023

 Today we had fun pairing the talented Alexandra Locke's beaded earring with our silks! Find the collection HERE.


What's in Store on Friday September 15, 2023

Lots of new wabi sabi and the latest Suzie Blue collection!! Find the Collection here


What's in Store on Friday, September 2, 2023

Today Priya and Shefali model some pieces from the latest shipment including the side slit top and the maxi kaftan. Find the collection here

You can watch the video here:


Unboxing Part 2

Check it out as we unbox the second half of our shipment, featuring side slit tops, and the new Maxi kaftan.

Find the collection link here

IT'S NOT REALLY SOLD OUT!!  Right now everything is sold out because we haven’t checked them and added them to inventory. If there’s something you like, message us, even if it says sold out and we can let you know if it’s available.


Birthday Dress Up with Kat, Ellen and Sandy

Playing Dress up with local customers/staff  @sandyareynolds ,  @heyelle67  @kat0817!

This was so much FUN! We had a blast watching the ladies pair our silks with items from their personal closets. Heart to hearts, dress up, giggles, and a whole lot of fashion, what’s not to love?

Find the complete collection here

What's in store on Friday August 4, 2023

What would you wear to Europe? Or the Niagara Wine Region, or a Jamaican Resort? I challenged the team to come up with outfit ideas. How did they do?

Find the complete collection here


What's in Store on Friday July 28, 2023

We are still wowed by the newest shipment! Have a look at some of our favourites! We pulled together as many sets as we could to show you how you can layer silks to carry you from summer into fall. ☀️🍂

Find the complete collection here.



Unboxing Day, July 26, 2023

We love unboxing together with you!! These are the pieces we featured. We are just adding them to inventory now! Find the collection here.



What’s in Store on Friday July 21, 2023

Shefali has fun with new Wabisabi pieces in tonight’s live!

Check out the products featured in the video at this link.  

Playing Dress-p with Heather C.

Heather wears a size XL (size 14-16) on the top and bottom, She is 5'10" and wears a size 40C bra. She is broad shouldered. Have fun watching her stretch her personal colour palette!. Find the collection here.



What's in Store on Friday July 7, 2023

It's time for a wabi sabi release!! And there are so many vests and digital prints! Check them out here


Find Your 'Fit: The One Shoulder Dress

This is the first episode of the series, where we choose one of our silk designs and then play with them to show off their versatility. On today’s episode we feature everybody’s favourite summer dress, the one shoulder dress. Shop the looks at this link.

Help Priya Pick Outfits for Her Daughter's Wedding!

The team got together some great looks for Priya to try on. Which one is your fave? Shop the live at this link.



 What’s in Store Friday June 16, 2023

Tonight Shefali shared her styling tips! Check out the collection at this link;



What's in Store on Friday June2, 2023

Looking for a bathing suit cover-up? Priya tried on her new one size fits all bathing suit from @you.swim under the new Wabi Sabi releases.

You can shop the live here.

The Masala Gala Fashion Show

Shefali and the team--Alexandra, Ryan, Clark and Mira--have put together some show stopping runway looks in support of a charity event that brings awareness and financial support to the cause of human trafficking in India.

You can shop the show at this link:



Playing Dress up with Julie, Wendy, and Kristen

Today @ms.julie.johnson brought her friends and we had FUN! Kristen, a graphic designer, wowed us with the accessories and coordinating pieces she chose. As @autre.princesse pointed out during the live, it was a treat to see the fabrics drape on a variety of voluptuous bodies!

Julie wears a size 22 on the bottom and is smaller on top. She is 5'9" and wears a size 42DD bra. Her measurements are bust 52", waist 51" and hip 62".

Wendy has an hourglass figure. She is 5'9" and wears a size 38C bra. Her measurements are bust 42", waist 36" and hip 44".

Kristen also has an hourglass figure. She is 5'3" and wears a size 46G bra. Her measurements are bust 54", waist 46" and hip 55".

Shop the video here


What's in Store on Thursday May 18th, 2023

Shop the video here

Just in time for Wedding and Graduation season, we would like to reveal our latest collection of Mary Francis bags --- and a ton of new wabi sabi pieces!



What's in Store on Thursday May 11, 2023

Shop the video here


What's in Store on Friday May 5th, 2023

Sandy, Shefali and I started in a serious note talking about the power of fashion to create change before we spin into a new girl wind of trying on our fave wabi sabi pieces!


What's in Store on Friday, April 28, 2023

Did someone say New Arrivals? Just in time for the warmer weather too!

OK, so today was a very long one, but it’s because I got really excited about the fabrics, again! And I had to show you the new pyjama styles that came in. Stay tuned for our Mother’s Day special which we will be sharing with you on May 1. In the meantime, sit back and enjoy the incredible fabrics on the side tie tunics, jumpsuits, cardigans, kimono sleeve tops, baby doll dresses, and sculptural tunic dresses.

Playing Dress up with Debbie R

Today we played dress up with Debbie R. Debbie wore our boxy top style recently on vacation on Jamaica and we were eager to see how she felt in our other styles. Debbie is 5’2” and generally wears a small/medium on top and a size 6 on the bottom.

Debbie’s faves were the sculptural tunic dress, the front tie top and all the cozy bamboos and linens.


What's in Store on Thursday, April 20, 2023


Playing Dress Up with Mira and Priya

Priya's Picks

Playing Dress Up with Krishna

What's in Store on Thursday March 30, 2023

What's in Store on Friday March 24, 2023

What's in store on March 17th 2023

Playing Dress up with Denise and Barb

March 9th Bryn Walker Linen and Bamboo

Playing Dress Up with Suttles and Seawinds

Hamilton Fashion Week Show

Feb 17th Underpinnings and New Arrivals

Playing Dress Up with Nicky

Feb 3 New Arrivals

Playing Dress Up with Ellen

The Lunar New Year Collection

The Sisters Dress Up Collection

Friday the 13th Collection

Matched Sets

Playing Dress Up with Michele Collection

Playing Dress Up with Heather Collection

Playing Dress Up with Jacqueline Collection

Happy New Year Collection

Snow Day Collection