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Upcycle and Silk 

By R. Collins 

This article was published in Great Lakes By Design, it highlights the importance of sustainability and brings awareness to slow fashion.

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Sustainable Clothing Options In The Indian Fashion Market

By Amneet Mann & Monika Sidhu 

This article has been published by 5X Fest, which is a "global brand and online community that champions South Asian youth culture"! Within this article, they highlight different sustainable clothing options, specifically in the Indian Fashion Market!

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How Local Businesses are Impacted by The Supercrawl Cancellation

By Rya Buckley

This article is published in The Silhouette: McMaster University's Student magazine. In this article, Rya explains the importance of Supercrawl and the consequences local businesses experienced with the cancellation of this year's event. 

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A Look at Priya Mohan's Journey in Creating sariKNOTsari (Part 1)

By Solveiga Procivaite

The Project Empowerment Circle exists to facilitate "Conversations surrounding empowerment and generating collective impact that uplifts individuals have always been important to us"! In this article, they get to know Priya Mohan and learn the story behind sariKNOTsari. 

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sariKNOTsari is Devoted to Slow, Sustainable Fashions

By Sheryl Nadler

This article was published in The Hamilton Spectator, a Hamilton newspaper. In this article Sheryl interviews Priya Mohan on the process behind creating sariKNOTsari and her dedication to supporting sustainable fashion.

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