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Silk Tops and Tunics

Pure Silk Boxy Tops

Silk Boxy Tops

Pure Silk Kimono Sleeved Top

Silk Kimono Sleeved Tops

Pure Silk Side Slit Tops

Silk Side Slit Top

Pure Silk Front Tie Tops

Silk Front Tie Tops

Pure Silk Side Tie Tunics

Silk Long Tunic with Side Ties

Pure Silk Waterfall Tops

Silk Waterfall Tops

Pure Silk Hi Lo Tops

Silk Hi Lo Tops

Pure Silk Tapered Tunics

Silk Tapered Tunics

Pure Silk One-Shoulder Dress

Silk One-Shoulder Dresses

Pure Silk Kaftan Tunics

Silk Tunic-Length Kaftans

Pure Silk Self-Pocket Tunics

Silk Self-Pocket Tunic Dresses

Pure Silk Sculptural Tunic Dresses

Silk Sculptural Tunic Dresses

Pure Silk Midi-Length Kaftan Dresses

Silk Midi-Length Kaftans

Pure Silk Boxy Babydoll Dresses

Silk Boxy Babydoll Dresses

Pure Silk Maxi Kaftans

Silk Maxi Kaftans