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Article: Rainy Days, Fireplaces, Obama and Fabric

Rainy Days, Fireplaces, Obama and Fabric

Rainy Days, Fireplaces, Obama and Fabric

Honestly, TV is magic these days. It’s raining outside and it’s windy. And I don’t have a fireplace so I thought, “Of course! I will put on a YouTube fireplace and have that on in the background while I run around the house and get things done.”

So this is where the magic comes in, I put on YouTube and somehow the TV knows that I love Trevor Noah (is it spying on me?) And the next thing I know I am watching Trevor Noah interview Barack Obama. And shockingly, Barack and I have been sharing some of the same thoughts. 

When asked about why things feel so out of control in the world, he said that people find comfort in blame, and in believing things that aren’t true when change is thrust upon them too quickly and so they need to push back in any way they can. 

I think that's something we can all relate to. People will believe what they need to believe until they are ready to believe something different, because change is hard and people are only human, with brains that are programmed to protect us in whatever way they can from things that are so traumatizing that they might make it difficult for us to survive.

So what does this have to do with sariKNOTsari? SariKNOTsari is self care when there’s nothing else you can do but watch people’s journey’s unfold, sometimes in ways that can be really uncomfortable. 

If this resonates with you today, look around your house, find something that brings you joy and give yourself 10 seconds to feel it, smell it, hear it. Let it ground you. Life can be hard, but it’s beautiful. And the one thing you can control is your experience of it. 

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Good advice. Well said☺️

Rebecca Bair-Patel

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