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Article: Serenity Now!

Serenity Now!

Serenity Now!

I wrote this many months ago, and thought it was too dark to share at the time. But things with me are so much better now so when I came upon it accidentally today, I thought maybe somebody out there needs to hear this. 

It is a hard truth that you can't help make people whole by helping them bypass that suffering that leads to growth.

Sadly, a person needs to feel emotional pain and live within it as it cracks the rigidity of their bones and shapes them into the next version of themselves. Sometimes you have no choice but feel them feeling the pain and trust that it will help them grow.

There is so much we can’t control and it’s overwhelming and sad. BUT we have access to small wins that can help us weather the storm. For me, those wins are tied to my clothes and how I choose to show up.

I can wear clothes that connect me to the world and remind me that I have power to create change in small ways that are almost imperceptible, but contribute to a greater good.

I opt for comfort because I deserve it. There are enough opportunities for discomfort without me inventing my own. 

I am so much more mindful about how I dress these days. It used to be about following trends and trying to look cute and now what I put on my body is a statement about my values. The things I can control and that I can be proud of. 

If I find myself wearing the same pair of pants every day for a week, that’s a win! That means I’ve “bought less” and that I’m “wearing more”. 

If I need to find inspiration, I look at jewellery that was handmade, where someone looked into their soul and found a way to express what was there in the artistry created by their hands. 

And I reach for colour because the world is a bright place and I am blessed to be in it and sometimes I need reminding of that. 

Where relationships and people we love are concerned, sometimes all we can do is leave space for people to grow, and for me, I need the serenity to accept that. But I do have the courage to change the things I can change, and I’m developing the wisdom to know the difference. 

- Priya 


Here, here!

Rebecca Bair-Patel

So well said…. I concur 💕

June Rasmussen

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