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Article: Real Superheroes Need Real Self-Care

Real Superheroes Need Real Self-Care

Real Superheroes Need Real Self-Care

About a year ago, Shefali asked me a question about motherhood: Knowing what I know, would I do it again? “Of course,” was my immediate answer. And then came her harder question: Why?

I think any mother would pause here. The joys of having children are infinite and unbounded. Children show you where the edges of yourself are—you want to protect them in the bubble of your care but you have to release them to be their own bubbles. Just by being themselves, they help you heal parts of yourself you didn’t know were broken. And your kids know you better than you know yourself in a way that is equal parts uncomfortable and endearing. As they grow older and move out of the shelter of your “mama bear” protection, they force you to place your trust in a benevolent universe, a faith that inevitably spreads to how you live the rest of your life.

And I think that’s why we need Mother’s Day. Being a mother is a commitment to emotional growth. And emotional growth is hard work. So we need care (and self-care) and if that care presents itself in the form of a pair of new pajamas, a scented candle, a copper water bottle, or a stone mala, then know it is truly well deserved.

Would I do motherhood again? Of course! Why? Because my children’s very existence has made my life bigger and fuller in more ways that I could have ever imagined. And, also because those girls are pretty fun to have around!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mama bears out there!

~Priya ❤️

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