Episode 4: Playing By Your Own Rules Featuring Monique Campbell

Welcome to our latest episode of “Play by Your Own Rules” where Priya tries to give you a glimpse of the inspiring people who shop at sariKNOTsari. Today we chatted with Monique Campbell of @moments_by_monique who with us shared her passion for street photography and her “no-nonsense” authenticity.

Monique also spoke with Priya about her journey with breast cancer that spurred her to live life to the fullest. Her advice? Go get your mammogram!

One out of every eight women will get breast cancer and regular mammograms could be the difference between life and death.

Monique also pointed out that while medical professionals may assume that you would like reconstructive surgery after a mastectomy, the choice is yours. Monique plays by her own rules and is a proud “flatty” 💕

So many people joined into this conversation, clearly inspired by Monique’s vision and artistry.

Thank you Monique for your support of sariKNOTsari and for spending time with us this evening 🙌🏽

Watch the full interview here:

And here of some of Monique's incredible photographs referenced in the interview:

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