Episode 5: Play by Your Own Rules with Guest Susan Gudgeon

In my on-going attempt to introduce you to each other, today I chatted with Susan Gudgeon, a long-time customer at sariKNOTsari, former opera star and font of wisdom. 

Susan was part of the first graduating class at the high school where I teach in Burlington. She has spent most of her life between Burlington and Hamilton and has memories that date back as far as Prince Philip’s royal visit to Hamilton, over 60 years ago.

Susan exudes positive energy and a wisdom that I hope to attain as I get older. Her compassion in seeing people where they are at without judgement is inspiring.

Even though she is very laissez-faire in discussing it, Susan was a notable member of the Canadian opera community and she continues to express her creativity through her clothing choices along with the singing lessons she teaches.

Thank you so much for sharing your time and wisdom with us, Susan!!

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