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Article: Episode 6: Play by Your Own Rules with Michele

Episode 6: Play by Your Own Rules with Michele

Episode 6: Play by Your Own Rules with Michele

In my continuing attempt to introduce you amazing people to each other, I would like to introduce you to Michele who you may remember from a recent episode of Playing  Dress Up. We chatted so much before that episode began that we knew we had to find a way to continue our conversation. 😉 

Today we chatted about mental health and the importance of sharing our journeys so that people who are coping with transitions in their lives know that they are not alone. (Watch the video to find out why Michele has a semicolon tattoo behind her ear.)

Later, we chatted about how life is a canvas – a fitting metaphor, seeing as Michele is also an artist  — and that there really are no rules in how you decide to paint it. Michele likes to sketch out her artwork in ink rather than pencil, so that it more accurately mirrors life: if there’s a “mistake” you get to find a way to turn that mistake into something beautiful that helps make the overall artwork more complete and real. We compared that to our Wabi Sabi collection where the flaws are part of the beauty, and nothing to get stressed out about. 

Michelle amazed me with the variety of experiences she has had in her life. I remarked that she was like Daenerys in Game of Thrones in that she could announce herself with a long list of epithets that include lawyer, social worker, politician, mother, artist, and so much more. 

Watch the entire video and know that you are just as special as Michele. I am honoured to know you as part of the sariKNOTsari community  ❤️

If you’d like to meet more people who are a part of our community, be sure to join our community group called soup, social organization of uplifting people. 

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