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Article: Meet Marybeth

Meet Marybeth

Meet Marybeth

Tonight we played dress up with Marybeth from @paddleadventurer 🎉 Marybeth travels a lot, and she found that the silks were a great weight for packing and travelling.

Mary Beth was comfortable letting us know that she is approximately 5’2” tall, is approximately a 34C bust size, is short-waisted and curvier through the hips and thighs. She is slightly more narrow through the shoulders and bust.

She has trouble finding clothing that elongates her and doesn’t cut her at her widest points. We discovered that smaller prints didn’t overwhelm her petite frame. Also, anything that was asymmetrical or vertically striped made her appear taller, which is what she wanted. We had to be careful not to choose patterns that drew the eye towards her hips as Marybeth didn’t feel comfortable drawing attention there.

We discovered a bunch of styles that suited Marybeth’s petite frame.

Her best style was the boxy top which cut her at exactly the right spot and didn’t overwhelm her petite frame.

The vest was also a clear winner, and she like wearing it as a vest, a scarf, and as a top.

We were surprised that the long, kimono sleeved duster suited her as well as it did. We both thought it would be too long, but instead, it was extraordinarily flattering, especially when belted.

The poncho was another clear winner. Marybeth liked how she could wear it as a scarf and also in so many different ways as a top. It was just the right amount of fabric, so as not to overwhelm her petite frame.

The cardigan, maxi dress, and jumpsuit also looked amazing! The jumpsuit was a tiny bit long at the inseam, but we were able to belt it, or tie it to adjust the length slightly.

Both kaftan styles, the long tunic with side ties and the front tie top, all overwhelmed her petite frame .

The length was fine on the self pocket dress and the sculptral tunic dress but they seemed to be a little bit too much fabric around her more narrow chest and shoulder area.

Thank you so much Marybeth for playing dress up with us tonight!!!

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