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Article: Meet Jacqueline

Meet Jacqueline

Meet Jacqueline

Today we played dress up with @jacqueline_a_forde_injoy ! And we had SO MUCH FUN!!!

You can see all the pieces she tried on at THIS LINK.

Jacqueline has been focussing on health and self care and as a result her body had changed shape and she was keen to see how all our styles would look in her.

Jacqueline already owns several sariKNOTsari styles but there were some she had shied away from…until today!

Jacqueline is 5’1.5” tall. Her bra size is 38D. Her measurements are bust 41”, waist 36” and hip 48”. She describes herself as short-waisted and pear-shaped. Generally in tops she wears a size medium. In bottoms, she generally wears a size 10 or a medium. EVERYTHING looked amazing on her! See for yourself 😉

Watch the whole video here:

And here are some of her individual looks:

Jacqueline looked amazing in both Crepe Silk Shrugs she tried on. She is a new fan of this style and like that the shrug can be worn with either side to the top for different looks. We both liked how the shrug looked when little knots were tied into the ends of the sleeves to narrow the sleeves at the wrists.

We were both fans of this sheer Boxy Top. The length was perfect on her with her petite frame and shorter waist. 


The embroidery on this Crepe Silk Poncho wowed us both. I like how Jacqueline tied the sides together in different ways to create asymmetry.

Jacqueline said she already owns some of the Long Tunic with Side Ties. The style was a no-brainer for her and she was really excited to try this colour which she doesn't usually wear. 

We kept trying on Kimono Sleeved Tops because they just looked SO GOOD!!

This first one is sheer.


This red and black one was crepe silk. Both fabrics worked for Jacqueline.

 We were both surprised by how wonderful this white sheer kimono sleeved top looked. Jacqueline liked that she could wear either side to the front for two different looks.

Jacqueline had never tried on a Versatile Vest before.

Her favourite way to wear it was as a top!

She was also a fan of the sparkly border on this second vest.

We both liked the style of this sheer Tapered Tunic on Jacqueline, but we weren't sure about the colour against her skin tone. 

We both decided that we preferred the styling flexibility of the Waterfall Top instead.

We paired it with the matching Cardigan and loved the look!

We also thought the Cardigan looked great as a standalone wardrobe staple.

The Cardigan below was a crepe silk. We discovered that both the crepe and the sheer cardigan suited Jacqueline. Neither overwhelmed her petite frame.

Here's another sheer Cardigan, tied in front for a different look.

How much fun was this Sheer Hi Lo Top!!! And that Pink!!!!

I had thought that the Midi Length Kaftan might be too much for Jacqueline's petite frame, but the colours were perfect, and with a pair of heels, she was ready for a (comfortable) night on the town!

The crepe silk Tunic-Length Kaftan looked a little boxy until we tried this little hack to create a gather in the front, then voila!

The same style in the georgette worked with a gather as well.

And the crepe one below featured a fun little tuck to create some asymmetry. 

Jacqueline already owns a Kimono-Sleeved Jacket and she likes to tie the belt through the armholes to cinch the waist in front. The one below is in crepe silk.

We tied the sheer version of the same style in front to create a top and Jacqueline has the terrific idea of wearing the belt as scarf around her neck.

The Kimono Sleeved Duster was a hit! Both the ones she tried on were sheer and neither were too long for her petite frame.

We tried on SO MANY Boxy Babydoll Dresses, but the red crepe one was our favourite. 

The One shoulder Dress was a clear winner. This one went home with Jacqueline. Watch the Youtube video to see the totally different look when she wore the back to the front (it's reversible!).

How much fun was this Silk Jumpsuit!!!

And then we moved into a more classic look with the same jumpsuit style in more muted tones.

Finally, this Maxi Dress went home with Jacqueline as well. We spun it around so that what would have been the underarm was at the front and then tied the shoulder straps to create halter style. Watch the video to see how we did it.


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