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Article: Meet Heather

Meet Heather

Meet Heather

This evening we played dress up with Heather! You can find all the pieces she tried on that are still available at this link.

Heather is not a fan of big patterns and bright colours but we did manage to get her to try on some. She leaned towards neutrals, small prints, and colours that would match denim. We discovered that jewel-tones really suit her even though she shies away from them sometimes.  
Heather‘s favourite pieces for her body shape were the maxi dress and the jumpsuit, both worn belted.
We were both surprised that the boxy baby doll dress worked so well on her small frame. It looked super cute! 
The other dresses also suited her really well! She loved the sculptural tunic dress and is looking forward to the new colours that are coming in. The self-pocket dress was also a surprise hit with Heather.
The vest, worn as both a vest and a top, was also a style that suited her. 
The poncho looked great on her, especially worn asymmetrically, or worn as a kimono-sleeved top.
The jury was out on the kimono-sleeved top and the boxy top. In some patterns, it looked great, but in other patterns, it seem to cut her at her widest part, across her hips.
We tried the silk cardigan and the waterfall top, and both individually looked amazing, but we both felt that there was a little too much fabric when she wore the two paired together.
A customer suggested we try the front tie top worn backwards with the ties crisscrossed at the back and tied towards the front. It looked awesome! 
Given the smaller width of her shoulders, she didn’t feel comfortable in the kimono-sleeved jacket or duster, or the shrug styles. She was also not a fan the long tunic with side ties or the tapered tunic which she felt had too much fabric for her.
The midi length kaftan definitely overpowered Heather’s petite frame, but we could both see how the shorter version, the tunic-length kaftan would look great with a pair of boots or leggings.
The jury was also out on the Hi Lo Tops. Priya liked them but Heather wasn't sure they were her style.
In addition to the silks, Heather, tried on some of the other products we carry.  Of the wool jacket collection, the swing jackets suited her best, even though the longer duster length also worked. The ruanna style seemed to have too much fabric for her frame.
Initially, Heather reached for the bamboo tie-dyed cardigan in the black with pastels. She thought there was a little too much colour in that for her, and eventually settled on the cream and black version.  She thought it was extremely comfortable and liked the weight of it. 
Heather was a really great sport and spent hours trying on clothes. ❤️ She was even lucky enough to get a surprise “beverage” 🍷 when Mira and Shefali popped in.
If you would like to play dress up 💃🏽with Priya, let us know!

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