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Article: The Things You Don't See

The Things You Don't See

The Things You Don't See

Isn’t this a beautiful picture!? It was taken in Southern India, about five years ago. My family and I were sitting on the beach revelling in the quiet of a resort stay during a trip that was otherwise filled with sightseeing and travel between cities. I had just bought a hand-block-printed silk scarf in the richest shades of red, and couldn’t stop staring at how beautiful it looked wrapped around on my straw hat.

Here’s what you don’t see: while I was focussed on the colour and artistry of that silk scarf, my husband, feeling sprightly, tried to hop over a little wall around the pool. What you need to know is, that my husband is no longer spritely 😂!

He tripped, and got the TINIEST little scrape on his knee. Within seconds he was surrounded by resort workers. They came running in from all directions, carrying Band-Aids, towels, and even a stretcher. They dealt with his tiny little scrape with the concern and  care normally reserved for survivors of natural disasters! One man gently held his head and stroked his hair, while another, cleaned and bandaged his “wound”. The whole time, my husband just looked sheepish.

Eventually, my daughters, and I noticed the hullabaloo and looked over, worried at first and then holding back laughter. 

This is what travel is about. It’s not just the things you see in the pictures, it’s the things you can’t see in the pictures. It’s the memories, the mishaps, the laughter, the culture, the food …and, of course, the outfits that keep you mesmerized on a sunny day at the beach!

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What a lovely story! 💗


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