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Article: 5 Items Every Yogi Needs

5 Items Every Yogi Needs

5 Items Every Yogi Needs


I hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Day. This week, I decided to talk about of my favourite hobbies :) sariKNOTsari will be participating in the upcoming yoga show in Toronto (Mar. 28-31) and I thought this was a great opportunity to talk about what we carry for yogis.


The five items I chose are items that you can easily switch over to more sustainable options. Most yogis already own these items, but it is important to look at where you got them from and the benefit they have on yourself and the world.


  • 1. Water bottle

    Often, the path to sustainability starts with getting rid of plastic in your life. Whether it be straws, water bottles, take-out containers etc. Why not use this opportunity to buy something that will be healing for your body while not adding waste to landfills?

    Recently, I’ve learned about the benefits of copper. These include anti-aging, immunity-boosting, skin healing, and mental and joint health. We carry a brand called Kaarigar Copper based out of India. They make products such as reusable water bottles, tumblrs, mugs, straws etc. out of 100% copper. Who doesn’t want all these benefits from drinking water during their yoga practice?

    2. Clothing

    Yoga clothing is all about comfort. You don’t want something that you have to fidget with during your practice. Often, we also want something that we can run around and do errands in after class, as well.

    A great line we carry is Uranta. This is an upcycled clothing line out of a fair trade workshop in Mexico. Their clothing line is “made for people who celebrate their lives through the inspiration delivered by movement.” How beautiful is that? Whether you are dancing, stretching, sweating, meditating...this clothing line is built for you! They use 100% recycled materials while designing pieces that are also fashionable...what’s not to love?

    3. Props

    Often in yoga we use props such as mats, carrying bags, straps, and pillows. Like I said earlier, it is important to examine where these are coming from and their impact. At sariKNOTsari we carry bags and straps made of upcycled fabric. That way, new fabric production isn't creating pollution and old fabric isn’t going into the landfill.

    We also have pillows coming in from India for meditation! I’m personally excited for these because I get a sore back when sitting on the floor for too long. These will prop you up nicely so you can focus more on mediation and less on being uncomfortable. They are hand-made in India by our artisans which Priya has ensured make a fair wage and use eco-friendly practices.

    4. Tea

    I’ve talked about this tea before but I love it so much so I’m talking about it again. It is great for yoga because it has healing benefits! Drinking tea is a ritual that allows us to slow down and focus on our mind and body. This brand is made by a holistic nutritionist in Toronto who creates her teas with naturally-flavoured plants. The tea tastes amazing while healing your body of common ailments such as anxiety, stress, and inflammation!

    We have a tea flavour coming in called Sticky Ginger Chai made exclusively for sariKNOTsari. We had it at our grand opening and it was a huge hit! It is warming and comforting with just the right hints of spice. I can’t wait enjoy it again soon.


    Anyone who has been to a yoga show knows that there’s always mala bracelets! These are bracelets used for mindfulness or to set intention (originally from malas used for prayer in Buddhism). Again, it is important to ask where these bracelets come from. Unfortunately, not all stones are ethically sourced.

    We carry a great brand called Alive Intentions made right here in Hamilton. Hand-strung with love and dedication by Franca Galati, each bracelet is crafted to help you infuse specific intentions into your life. Whether you're searching to harness direction, serenity, or positive attitude in your life, these natural stone bracelets are ready to accompany you on your journey. Wear them as is or put a few drops of your favourite essential oil on them!


    Items used every day by yogis can have a positive impact on themselves and the world. It starts with asking where we are already buying things from. And then making small changes accordingly if we have to.

    We at sariKNOTsari don’t want you to buy more but if you are already buying something, we hope you shop ethically and sustainably! All the items mentioned here will be available at the upcoming yoga show, as well and in-store and online.


    Thanks for taking the time to read this blog :)

    Until next week,